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Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread

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Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread | #fall #recipe

Annnnd…I finally made you a pumpkin recipe this year!

I know, I know. It seems like the blogosphere has been full of pumpkin recipes since Hobby Lobby started rolling out their Christmas decorations this past July. But, as much as I’m a believer that pumpkin should be enjoyed year-round, I have to say that I’m one of those people who really looks forward to the tradition of fall baking in the fall. And now that the calendar has flipped to October, and the weather is cooling off, and the leaves are starting to turn, it finally feels like fall.

So to celebrate, I thought it was about dang time I post a pumpkin bread recipe here on the blog! But of course, this isn’t just any pumpkin bread. For something a little different this year, I decided to try making coconut oil pumpkin bread…and I’m so glad I did! You can barely taste that coconut, but I love the subtle sweetness it lends to the bread. It’s also quick and easy to make, it’s (yes, I’m going to say the “m-word”) moist, it’s mildly yet perfectly spiced, and I’m pretty sure that it definitely needs to happen in your home soon.

So let’s do some fall baking!

Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread | #fall #recipe

I have to say that the inspiration for this coconut oil pumpkin bread actually came from you. I was debating whether to take a classic recipe and give it a browned butter or coconut oil twist. But after polling you on Facebook, coconut oil came out as the winner because — lest I forget — the world is seriously digging all things coconut oil right now.

We still may try browned butter another time (stay tuned). But for today, coconut oil it is!

Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread | #fall #recipe

The two primary ingredients you need for this one are a jar of coconut oil and some pumpkin puree.

(Note: that’s obviously not at all what’s pictured, but I couldn’t help but buy a bunch of these mini pumpkins for decor last week, and think they’re much cuter than a can of pumpkin.)

Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread | #fall #recipe

Mix up a simple batter that’s made with two kinds of sugar, lots of spices, and a handful of other ingredients you probably have in your pantry.

Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread | #fall #recipe

Then pour the batter into a bread pan, and bake it up until it is cooked all the way through. You’re probably going to need to use a toothpick to test this one.

Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread | #fall #recipe

Then hold your horses and wait for it to cool down a bit. (I was impatient — hence the crumbs everywhere…)

And then slice it up!

Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread | #fall #recipe

And serve it up!

Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread | #fall #recipe

I find this bread so flavorful that it doesn’t even need a pat of butter, but you can serve it up however sounds good. You know, with a side of mini pumpkins if desired.

Happy pumpkin baking!

Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread | #fall #recipe

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Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread

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  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 55 minutes
  • Total Time: 65 minutes
  • Yield: 1 loaf 1x


This Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread recipe is simple to make in one bowl, and it is perfectly spiced and made with coconut oil.


  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar, packed
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup white whole wheat flour (*see alternate substitution below)
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
  • 3/4 cup pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup melted coconut oil
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Grease a 9×5 loaf pan with cooking spray, or line it with parchment paper. Set aside.
  2. Whisk together sugars, flour, spices, baking soda and salt in a large bowl. Create a well in the center of the bowl, and add pumpkin, eggs, oil, water and vanilla into the well. Whisk, starting with the wet ingredients and working your way to the outside of the bowl, mixing until batter is smooth and clump-free. Do not over-mix. (Batter will be slightly lumpy.)
  3. Pour batter into the loaf pan, and smooth the top with a spoon. Bake for 55-65 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Cool in the pan for 20 minutes, then carefully invert the loaf and cool on a rack until it reaches room temperature. Cover in plastic wrap or store in a sealed container for up to 5 days.


*If you do not have white whole wheat flour, you can just include 1 3/4 cup of all-purpose flour, instead of doing part white whole wheat and part all-purpose.

Slightly adapted from AllRecipes, via The Baker Chick.

Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread | #fall #recipe

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109 comments on “Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread”

  1. I don’t know how I’m just now stumbling on this, but here I am anyway! Can I substitute the white flour for all whole wheat flour? Also, have you ever used coconut sugar? Is there a good amount to substitute both white and brown sugars for coconut sugar or agave nectar/honey? 

    • Hi Becky! You could try just whole wheat, but we haven’t tried that in this recipe, and would be concerned about the bread being a little too dense and not as light and moist. We haven’t tried coconut sugar, but we’ve heard it’s better for cookies and candies, because the granules are so small (it can make cakes and breads pretty dense). We’d actually suggest muscovado (it’s most similar to brown sugar) or honey/agave. We found both of these guides to be pretty helpful:

  2. Just made some this morning and added mini chocolate chips to the batter – sooo good! I love that it’s a little healthier because of the coconut oil and whole wheat flour. Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks for sharing Jen, we’re happy you enjoyed this (and great call on adding those mini chocolate chips)! :)

  3. This is the best pumpkin bread I’ve ever made. It’s a perfect balance between pumpkin flavor and sweetness, which I find is easier said than done with pumpkin flavored things; one usually overpowers the other. The coconut oil keeps is super moist, and it’s just sooooo good toasted with butter. It’s also rather quick and easy to throw together. Will definitely be keeping this one around!!

    • Thanks so much Christine, that’s such a nice compliment! We’re so happy you loved it! :D

  4. Do I measure the coconut in its solid form as 1/2 cup and that will equal 1/2 cup melted? 

    • I recommend melting the coconut oil and then measuring it, to be most accurate. But the solid measurement should be really close!

  5. It says to use pumpkin puree not canned pumpkin.  I am pretty new to this baking stuff.  What exactly is pumpkin puree?  Is it something that you can buy or do you have to make it from scratch?


    • Hi Vicki, the canned pumpkin you want to use for this recipe is just pure pumpkin, and you’ll find it in the canned vegetables section of the grocery store. The other type of canned pumpkin you’ll often see is “pumpkin pie mix,” which you don’t want, so just make sure it says “pure pumpkin.” We hope you enjoy the recipe!

  6. Just checking this out but wondered baking soda and salt….? and no baking powder?

  7. I try your recipe but it has to much salt for me maybe because I used sea salt ??? Is not sweet at all is like salty bread with pumpkin flavor. 

    • Oh yes, we definitely think that’s a result of the sea salt! Sea salt is much more potent/concentrated. We always use kosher salt (unless specified otherwise). Iodized (table salt) is usually fine in baking as well. But yes, if using sea salt you never need as much. We hope this helps you moving forward!

  8. I made it and loved it,  however I do wish you had included the nutritional information…. how many calories etc. 

    • We’re glad you enjoyed this Manelle! We currently are not publishing nutrition facts on the site, as the nutrition calculators available are not 100% accurate, and we never want to publish anything that might be misleading. However, a lot of our readers love the My Fitness Pal nutrition calculator, so feel free to try that for an estimate. We hope that helps!

  9. I’ve made this and it was delicious! I’d like to try making them as muffins. Any suggestions for an approximate baking time they would need? 

    • Thanks Amy — we’re glad you enjoyed it! For using this recipe to bake muffins, we think they’d probably take 20-30 min.

  10. I made this yesterday and it was delicious. We don’t have pumpkin pie spice in Australia so I just added a pinch of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and ground cloves. It had a real gingerbread taste to it. Yum. I’m making another loaf today :) 

  11. Do you have the nutritional values for this bread such as calories, fat, sodium, sugar, protein etc.?

    • Hi Sharon! We’re sorry but we are unsure of the nutrition facts/amount of calories in this recipe. We currently are not publishing nutrition facts on the site, as the nutrition calculators available are not 100% accurate, and we never want to publish anything that might be misleading. However, a lot of our readers love the My Fitness Pal nutrition calculator, so feel free to try that for an estimate. We hope that helps!

  12. I made this last night. I skimped a bit on the sugars and the oil and added a heaping 3/4 of pumpkin purée, but the breads (used 6 small loaf pans) came out absolutely delicious. I added some chopped walnuts and craisins to three of the breads, and that made a very good-tasting pumpkin bread even better! Thanks for sharing. I’m anxious to read more of your posts. 

    • We’re so glad you liked it, Carolyn! Also, we bet the walnuts and craisins were awesome additions!

  13. Heads Up! I used liquid coconut oil for baking and it does NOT make delicious coconut oil pumpkin bread at all! :( I’ll have to assume you have to buy the cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil to make this work. I’ll have to give it another go and see what all the rave is about..

    • Oh no! Yes, we use the cold pressed, unrefined stuff that comes in a jar. We hope you can give these another shot!

  14. I have made this twice in the last week, it’s a great recipe! I added 1/3 cup of greek yogurt and swapped the water for milk and the bread turned out super moist and flavourful. I also baked for just under the requested time, ~50 minutes because my oven runs hot. Definitely saving this recipe as my go-to pumpkin bread!

  15. I’ve just made this for the second time. My daughter & granddaughter loved it the first time. I made first time with all AP flour & I love to cook & bake with coconut oil, all the time. Second time no eggs, so I used fresh apples & made applesauce, sugar & cinnamon free. It smells awesome, can’t wait to my taste it, but I will need to wait til tomorrow when my daughter & granddaughter get back from being away for a couple of days. I will let you know how they like it, I didn’t make applesauce smooth, I left some chunky, but they were soft. Patti

  16. Well, my granddaughter & daughter really did love it. My granddaughter had her slice gone before she finished the rest of her dinner. I forgot the water, but it was moist enough without it, we loved it better with applesauce!!!!!!!! Thanks for a great recipe!!!!!!

  17. Amazingly, I, too, got the BEST EVER pumpkin bread comments from a variety of sources, both women and men. I thought it was because I used a brand pumpkin pie spice and because of the coconut oil. (I doubt the self-rising flour contributed alot…) No, I think it’s just a magical recipe! I’ve been asked to make it again for Monday’s wines and appetizers treats, see if I get the same responses, fingers crossed! And, yes, even I thought it was phenomenal.

  18. You won’t be able to stop eating!! I’ve made this the past couple years and it never fails to please the crowd. So dang good!

  19. SUPER GOOD! The moistest pumpkin bread I’ve ever made. Can’t believe it can taste this good being made with coconut oil! I made exactly to recipe with the white flour option. Next time I’ll try adding some nuts.

  20. just made this pumpkin bread on a whim after picking up some discounted pumpkin and cooking it into a homemade puree… it’s so so tasty and beautifully soft inside the crunchy outer shell – absolutely sublime!! will definitely be making it again.

  21. This bread is quite divine! Soft, delicious and melts in your mouth! Could cut back the sugar slightly but overall, love!!

  22. i was looking for a pumpkin bread recipe that uses coconut oil because I was out of butter.
    that is when I found you.
    Upon taking the loaf out of the oven, 1 hr. exactly, the outsides were not soft at all, & after
    cooling & tasting, the outside was tough & chewy & very dense. hmm? I followed the recipe
    & couldn’t understand what went wrong!
    Hours later I noticed a cup w/something white in it…OMG…it was the coconut oil that I
    guess I forgot to add! oy!
    As the hours passed, & after putting it the the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap it was pretty good.
    I’m sure it would have been better with the coconut oil, definitely more moist, but i am going to
    make it again today WITH the coconut oil & i can”t wait!
    i have sour cr. & was thinking of adding a bit…what do you think?

  23. despite forgetting to add the coconut oil to my recipe, my loaf was really quite good. this
    shows just how good a recipe this is. I have never used anything but butter in all my baking
    recipes, so I am really looking forward to making it again today w/ the coconut oil. I have
    made several pumpkin bread recipes & by far I think this outweighs them in flavor & texture
    evev w/out the oil.