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DIY Sprinkles Ornaments

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DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #diy #christmas #holidays #ornaments

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know about a super cute foodie craft project that I just posted on our Style page — these cute DIY Sprinkles Ornaments!

They are super easy to make, and are a perfect use for all of those half-used containers of sprinkles that we all have sitting around. So if you’re looking for a fun last-minute crafty project for the holidays, pop on over to our Style page to get the full step-by-step photo tutorial. Happy sprinkling!

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #diy #christmas #holidays #ornaments


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10 comments on “DIY Sprinkles Ornaments”

  1. Oh these are so crafty and cute!

  2. This is a great idea to do with my grandchildren. They are getting at the age they like to make things but young enough I have to do something that doesn’t take too much time. I can do part of it a little earlier then they can pour the candies in! Awesome!

  3. So simple and adorable :) love it!

  4. Your links don’t work. It just keeps bringing me back to this page and not a tutorial…..

    • Sorry about that. We have had some problems switching to our new design, but the link is working now! Here it is too – Thanks!

  5. But wouldn’t it be toooo heavy? I love the idea i have a 1 year old son whom loves to grab whatever he pleases abs of course EVERYTHING GOES IN THE MOUTH. :)

  6. i cant copy any of these  projects  any reason why