DIY Chai Sugar Scrub

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DIY Chai Sugar Scrub -- quick and easy to make with everyday ingredients |

Welp, we’ve officially hit that time of year when I switch from shower time to bath time.

Or as my friend, Heidi, likes to call it — “taking a tub”.

I’ve loved the luxury of taking a relaxing long bath for as long as I can remember.  But this time of year, I’m convinced that a nice hot bath is a basically a necessity.  Especially on those days when I come in from the cold and simply cannot get warm, no matter how many blankets I pile on.  On those days I’ve learned to just walk in the door and instantly turn on the water to let the tub fill up, and then sink in and let it warm me up down to my bones.  Such a treat.  And of course, all the more delightful with some good tub time accessories!

I’ve shared before on the blog that I’m a big fan of setting my laptop up on the counter and turning on an episode of The Daily Show, or whatever other show I might be plowing through at the time.  All the better with a yummy candle flickering nearby, and maybe a glass of wine and some popcorn within reach.  (Heck yes, I’m here to tell you that it is totally possible to combine snacktime and tub time!)  But then, of course, you also need some yummy bubbles and salts and scrubs to enjoy in the tub.

My latest favorite?  This DIY Chai Sugar Scrub that you can mix up with everyday ingredients in just minutes.

How To Make Your Own Chai Sugar Scrub | 1-Minute Video

DIY Chai Sugar Scrub -- quick and easy to make with everyday ingredients |

I gave up on buying store-bought sugar scrubs years ago once I realized how ridiculously easy they are to mix up at home.  And how delicious they are to mix up at home.  I’m constantly tossing in essential oils or herbs or citrus zests that I have on hand.  But recently, I realized that I somehow had a buildup of chai tea bags in my pantry.  So decided why not “spice” up a sugar scrub?DIY Chai Sugar Scrub -- quick and easy to make with everyday ingredients |

So I emptied about 6 tea bags out into a large bowl, and combined it with brown sugar (or you could use any sugar), a little extra cinnamon, vanilla extract, honey, and olive oil…DIY Chai Sugar Scrub -- quick and easy to make with everyday ingredients |

…gave it a good stir…
DIY Chai Sugar Scrub -- quick and easy to make with everyday ingredients |

…and within just minutes, this delicious sugar scrub was ready for tub time.

DIY Chai Sugar Scrub -- quick and easy to make with everyday ingredients |

It smells just like the yummy tea we all love, the brown sugar is a nice and gentle exfoliator, the ingredients are surprisingly good for your skin (black tea, cinnamon, honey and olive oil for the win!), and — again — it just takes minutes to make!  Which would also make this a delicious gift to give friends around the holidays, if you’re the DIY type.  Or it can also just be a delicious addition to your bathtime.  :)

Happy scrubbing!

DIY Chai Sugar Scrub



  1. Stir all ingredients together in a mixing bowl until combined.
  2. Store in a sealed container for up to 3 months.  (I stored mine in these Weck tulip jars)

*Feel free to substitute in any mild cooking oils you have on hand.  You can use melted coconut oil, which is also great for skin, but keep in mind that it will solidify at temperatures above 76°F.

DIY Chai Sugar Scrub -- quick and easy to make with everyday ingredients |

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25 comments on “DIY Chai Sugar Scrub”

  1. LOVE spiced tea sugar rubs! I make one with orange and cinnamon spice tea :D Thank you so much for your appearance on the FBP podcast, I heard it yesterday and you have no idea what an encouragement you were to me! Your perspective was completely what I needed at the time…keep up your awesome work and your love for life! <3

  2. This sounds soooo nice. When I had a tub (don’t get me started) i used to loove baths, especially combining snack time with bath time. It’s salt and vinegar chips and episodes of Bones for me. This will make a great treat for friends with tubs!

  3. So comforting to know that there are other bath freaks out there who know you can’t beat a hot bath for relaxation, snacks within easy reach and, in my case, a good book or Netflix! Keep on submitting recipes for DIY bath time goodies!

  4. Thanks for the recipe! I loooove chai anything and have been wanting to make some homemade scrubs for gifts (and for myself). :)

  5. This is prefect! I am in need of a body scrub for bath time. Plus I have a ton of chai tea bags atm. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW I loved your interview on FBP podcast. It was both educational and inspiring. Thanks!  :)

  6. I bet this smells so good!  Have a lovely bath that has sat dry for far too long.  Your bath scrub has inspired me to try one of my own….I currently have a little surplus of peppermint tea that I can envision mixing up for a relaxing soak.  Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Hey! I love this idea – it’s perfect to make as a Christmas present. I just have on question – can I use any other tea, not chai tea? what would you recommend? 

    • Thanks Kasia! And we think you could use another tea for sure, such as Earl Grey, lavender tea, or something equally as fragrant. However, we probably wouldn’t add the cinnamon or vanilla with floral teas. We hope this helps and that you enjoy! :)

  8. This sugar scrub is wonderful!! I made a BUNCH of it as gifts for Christmas! I swapped out the olive oil for coconut oil in about half of the batches I made and really loved the consistency it gave to the scrub. :)

  9. This homemade scrub looks amazingly good. Is it delicious too?

    • Thanks Ben! Haha we haven’t eaten it, and wouldn’t advise that ;) but it definitely smells yummy!

  10. Do you have to use chia tea bags? Can you use ground chia seeds I have a bag of chia seeds I use on about everything and in everything , but I can grind them up, instead of buy chia tea bags I don’t have would this work in this mixture love all DIY sugar scrubs , facial washes etc.

    • Hi Deborah! We think you meant to say chai, instead of chia. This is a chai tea scrub — very different from chia seeds, so if you used chia seeds, it wouldn’t smell like anything since you wouldn’t have any of the scents from all the wonderful herbs in those chai tea bags. We hope you enjoy!

  11. I asked before but, no answer if you could grind up or use chai seeds in place of the tea? I have a large bag and can’t seem to use it up fast enough and I love homemade sugar scrubs.

  12. This turned out lovely :) I used coconut oil and chamomile-lotus tea and it smelled soo good! I’m using it as a lip scrub and it’s actually quite tasty too!

    • We’re so glad to hear you enjoyed this Jasmine — thanks for sharing with us! And we think the chamomile lotus tea sounds heavenly — good choice! :)

  13. thanks for the nice post :)

  14. Okay, after last night, I took a look at some other recipes on your site, and decided to go for the Chai tea sugar scrub…. Amazeing!!! and edible… I am definately enjoying these recipies and am headed onto the sea salt hairspray next!! 

  15. I love sugar scrubs and also love Chai tea so I am really excited about trying this recipe!! Thanks for sharing this one!