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Wishing that I was still back sipping espresso in France, you know, like we were doing in this adorable little cafe near Monet’s water lily garden two weeks ago today. :)  Oh my word, the trip was absolutely amazing. And as soon as I sort through the zillions of photos that we snapped on our trip, I can’t wait to share with you all about it!

Listening to this new album. The video to their opening track gave me goosebumps.

Sleeping on my new splurge, this silk pillowcase. I keep hearing about how they are so good for your skin and hair — have you tried one?

Freezing big batches of these (1) three (2) soups (3) to keep on hand for quick lunches and dinners. (If you’re thinking of doing the same, I highly recommend checking out this set of affordable single-serving glass storage bowls. They’re my favorites!)

Bookmarking some new soup recipes I’d like to try this fall, like this gazpacho, this breakfast ramen (whaaa?), this spicy chowder, this miso soup,this vegetarian soup, and this magical “healing” soup.

Marveling over this new line of nail polishes. I randomly picked up a bottle before leaving for France, and couldn’t believe how shiny and gel-like the color turned out. And all for $11 a bottle! I’m definitely hooked. (Alternately, you can just buy this top coat to get the same effect with nail polishes you already own.)

Recommending this bottle of crianza. We tried it in France, and fell in love. It’s bold, peppery, berry-y, and insanely good.

Loving this adorable mini-fridge that I saw recently. Whenever I buy a house, I totally want one. :)

Inviting any recipe requests that you might all have for the fall season ahead. What would you like to see here on Gimme Some Oven? Any specific recipe requests? Or more crock-pot recipes? More meatless dishes? More Indian food? More…? Seriously, leave a comment below if you have any requests — I’d love to hear what sounds good to you!

(This post contains affiliate links.)

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31 comments on “Currently”

  1. Hey Ali! I’m glad you loved France. It’s my favourite place in the whole wide world! I’d love to hear more details on where you are while in France, particularly Paris. Do you have any recommendations?

    You are on the ball, already making and freezing soups…something I should start doing soon as well, I suppose!

    I would love to see your take on recipes for coconut shrimp, tiramisu and “The Walking Taco”. 

  2. You and Barclay are adorable. Glad you enjoyed France.

    I’d love to see more meatless recipes on the blog, but I pretty much want to make everything you post. :)

  3. Love your slow cooker recipes! I’d always love to see more of those. Also, that mini fridge is adorrrrrable.

  4. Excited for soup recipes and slow cooker recipes! Also love the salad recipes with homemade salad dressings :)

    Might have to get those glass storage bowls.

  5. 1.  Love your “currently” posts!
    2.  Can’t wait for the France post :)
    3.  Slow Cooker and/or meatless recipes!

  6. KIMBO– my favorite coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love, love, looove your blog! Would love to see recipes for fall that are portioned for 2 ppl! My fiance never eats left overs and making full recipes means we end up with a lot. Not to mention that fall/winter are my favorite and I want to make EVERYTHING! :) Can’t wait to see what new things you post – anytime I’ve made your recipes they have been amazing!

  8. Thank you for asking! I would love to see more freezable meals as well as soups and crockpot. Thanks for always keeping it easy and healthy!

  9. Hi Ali,
    I would love some wheat free recipe ideas and I ALWAYS love your crockpot recipes too :)

    Thank you!!!!

  10. I love crockpot recipes!!

  11. Hey Ali!

    I’d love to see more make ahead recipes. I work 7-4 (and sometimes nights too at my part-time job — paying off debt after taking Dave Ramsey’s FPU class!), and need to pack all my food for the day, so I’m always looking for easy things to make ahead and reheat, throw together easily, etc. Although, I seriously make your food all the time anyway! ;) It’s always delish.

  12. The little cafe pic is my new favorite – hope you have that blown up and framed someplace! You guys are adorable – look at those eyes on both of you! Sounds like it was a fantastic and memorable trip. Hope you got over your allergies quick. Glad you are both back in one piece and look forward to more great posts!

  13. Would like  more easy crock pot recipes  EASY 

  14. Love your blog, recipes, etc. So glad your France trip was amazing! I would love more slow cooker recipes. Thank you!

  15. Hi Ali

    So glad you had a great trip!! So jealous :) I would love to see recipes for a pressure cooker. I got one as a wedding gift and am on the fence about donating because I just don’t know what to do with it!!! Thanks. Oh and crockpot recipes. I just made the chicken carnitas last night – sooooooooooo yummy.

  16. Hi Ali! Love your “Currently” Posts! Can’t wait to learn about all the ‘must-see’s’ you discovered with that adorable BF of yours while in France!

    As for ideas on what to include on your blog in the near future; I would LOVE to see some quick and easy chicken meals, pasta, kid-friendly.. Really, I’m game for just about anything! It’s just my kiddo and I at home so we’re always looking for something new and easy for a seven year old to lend a helping hand.

    We’re also heading into football season, so I always love your Game Day goodies! =)
    Best, Kelsey

  17. I love that crockpot cooking has upped its game over the past few years. It’s such an easy way to cook throughout the week. I’m always searching for reliable slow cooking recipes. 

    Enjoyed, vicariously, your trip through France. Looks like you and Barclay had a fantastic time. ❤️

  18. I would love to see some Crockpot recipes – something that can be assembled the night before and then cooked in the pot the following day for 8-9 hours. I find it hard to make recipes in the Crockpot without the meat getting dry. I would love to also find a recipe for Chicken Biryani that can easily be made at home. Love your updates and recipes.

  19. YES to more indian food, always! Your recipes nail both simplicity & flavor, and I would love to see those traits applied to indian recipes on the blog :)

  20. I would love to see a recipe for a fall-inspired cocktail (to be served warm). :–)

  21. I would love to see more crock-pot recipes! I don’t eat chicken, but recipes using other proteins (or that would allow for substitutions) would be great. Often I wind up being the only person eating my cooking (this is less sad than it sounds), so I love to find recipes that freeze well or work as leftovers.

  22. I have been listening to Birdtalker non stop since you posted this! Thanks for the rec!

  23. Hey Ali! I’ve been cooking some of your recipes for about a year now and my husband and I both love them! (Our favorites are the shrimp and creamy tomato basil pasta and the beef and veggie soup!!) We are expecting out first child in February and I am really hoping to collect some freezer prep meals that I can stash away for when I’m home with the new mini me. I am slightly terrified of prepping something that won’t freeze well or be safe or something. Any simple recipe ideas? Thanks so much!!!

    • Hi Amy, thanks for your sweet comment — we’re so glad to hear you and your husband enjoy the blog! And a big congrats to you on your little one! I’m pretty sure posting some freezer meals is something Ali is going to be doing in the near future, so please stay tuned!

  24. I know going through vacation photos is both the best and the worst. Though I can’t go on one without taking what feels like 50 billion.

    I would love to see more freezer meals as I am always in need of a quick cooking dinner on the weeknights and more Thai food as the last few you posted I have been making on repeat and would love more.

  25. Love your site! Few ingredient crockpot chicken and soup recipes that are healthy please!

  26. Hi Ali, love love love your blog so much. You are so generous with your beautiful and accesible, straightforward recipes. I would love a bone broth recipe from you and please keep the slow cooker recipes coming too! Love your storage ideas- those Crate and B bowls look great. I am also from KC!
    Much appreciation and love,

  27. Thanks for the spinach salad recipe. I’ve been looking for something like this.

    And I’d like to see more crock pot recipes–not like I work outside but I like the smell as “whatever” is cooking and I like making it in the morning and not having to worry about dinner.

    Thanks Ali (And I have to admit that what hooked me on your site is the “how to properly salt your pasta water” deal. Never knew that (and I’m old enough to be your grandmother).

  28. I would love to go France but… I wouldn’t feel safe there. Nice country but its image permanently damaged. No security for people.

  29. I love your website content!

    You have pretty eyes and teeth!

    God bless you!

  30. Love your page Ali and you are my GO TO for all recipes. I want you on the Food Network already. Anyway! I lived in India for a year and would love to see your take on Indian Chicken dishes- my two favorites are butter and tandoori chicken . Also, I finally accepted the facat that I love lamb dishes and especially those which incorporate brown sugar somehow into the recipe. I am a “by the book” cook and baker so I’ll leave the rest to you! Big Fan, Sarah