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Taco Pizza

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It’s Taco Tuesday, people! Or at least it is this week on Gimme Some Oven. :)

To celebrate, here is a zesty recipe for some quick and easy taco pizza. All you need is this simple crust, your favorite salsa as the “sauce”, and some seasoned meat (if you’d like). And then I don’t know about you, but I love filling up my tacos with all things “green”, so clearly I did the same on this pizza! Love that the toppings are as tall as the crust!!

Definitely a fun way to satisfy your pizza craving, yet also pile on all of the delicious taco ingredients that you love. Here is the recipe!

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13 comments on “Taco Pizza”

  1. Mmmm, this is perfect – open faced tacos meet pizza with avocado. YUM!

  2. This pizza looks rockin’! Love pizza anything, and taco pizza looks awesome!

  3. Ali! I love the mexican dishes on gimme some oven lately. :) I used to do taco tuesday with the girls back in college… i think it’s time to bring it back and what a way to start! Taco pizza seems so much more fun than your regular taco :)

  4. This looks beautiful! I taco EVERYTHING and all the green on this is so pretty!

  5. yay taco tuesday! you basically combined two of my favorite things here :)

  6. I was just craving tacos and I told Jason I’d pick some up on the way home but it looks like I’ll have to make this instead! :)

  7. Deeeefinitely a wet dream for me.

  8. I love taco pizza! My family aren’t huge fans, so I rarely get it :( I am just going to have to make them eat it soon though, because now I have a craving!

  9. Oh lordy…pizza and tacos in one…I heart you.

  10. I love avocado on pizza. I will be having taco pizza Wednesday this week. Thanks.

  11. Oooh, I LOVE taco pizza, but I’ve never thrown avocado on it! Time for Taco Tuesday around here too :)