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20 Vegetarian Dinner Recipes That Everyone Will LOVE!

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An all-star collection of vegetarian dinner recipes that are easy to make, totally reliable, and mega-delicious!

20 Vegetarian Dinner Recipes | A collection of delicious vegetarian dinner ideas perfect for busy weeknights and meal planning

Looking for some fresh, feel-good, easy dinner ideas lately? And to be more specific, maybe some easy vegetarian dinner ideas?! That your loved ones will actually, truly, look-forward-to, go-back-for-seconds, not-even-miss-the-meat, request-again-and-again love?!?

I’ve totally gotcha covered today. ♡

Meet…this crazy-delicious collection of the most popular vegetarian recipes here on Gimme Some Oven. It’s full of go-to easy dinner recipes that are perfect for busy weeknights now that kids are heading back to school. Or, if you’re working on your meal planning game, perfect for prepping ahead of time for busy weeks ahead. (Plus many are freezer-friendly too!)

From some of my favorite vegetarian soup recipes, to simple pastas and noodles galore, to meatless enchiladas and tacos, to my favorite breakfast-for-dinner migas, to the most comforting vegetarian pot roast I know…this list of easy vegetarian recipes is full of winner winner dinner ideas that are perfect if you’re trying to eat less meat, or are already enjoying a plant-based diet on the regular. And true to Gimme Some Oven style, these dinner recipes all totally easy, totally reliable, and totally do-able. And of course, totally delicious.

Let’s get to cookin’!

Lemony Lentil Soup Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

Lemony Lentil Soup

“Great twist on a basic lentil soup. Perfect seasoning, rich and delicious flavor. Being quick and easy to make is just a bonus! Thanks for a terrific recipe.” ~Betsy

Roasted Cauliflower Enchiladas Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Roasted Cauliflower Enchiladas

“Omg, these were AMAZING! We used lentils instead of black beans and there were zero leftovers. Our family devoured them. ;)” ~Emily

Easy Cold Sesame Peanut Noodles with the BEST Peanut Sauce Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Cold Sesame Peanut Noodles

“I read your post last night and made the recipe this morning! Followed the basic recipe, used a food processor to shred up the veggies and had crunchy peanut butter on hand for in the sauce, which is so delicious. Sriracha and fresh lime on the side. Next time I’d like to get creative with your ways to change up the recipe. This is so good I will likely eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it is gone! Thank you!” ~Lora

The BEST Black Bean Chili Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

The BEST Black Bean Chili

“I try a lot of blog recipes and am usually not impressed. This one was an absolute winner! Used the crockpot instructions. I did soak my beans overnight before putting into the crockpot. For Trader Joe’s shoppers, I found the Salsa Verde, Roasted Red Peppers, and Fire Roasted tomatoes there. It was my secret vegan dinner for the week. How long do I have to wait until I can make it again?” ~Misty

Creamy Rosé Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Creamy Rosé Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes

“I made this recipe and it was super easy and FANTASTIC. Every one of the picky roommates could eat it! So good.” ~Vi

Amazing Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Mushroom Stroganoff

“This is everything I didn’t know I needed in my life! Beef stroganoff was one of my favourite meals from my mom growing up but finding a good vegetarian alternative has been difficult. This version was easy to make, packs full of flavour, and the perfect comfort meal. Thank you!” ~Jackie

Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpea and Arugula Salad Recipe with Tahini Dressing | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpea and Arugula Salad

“OK made this, loved it soooo much!!! That roasted cauliflower and roasted chick peas were the best thing ever!! I made it for my husband and myself for dinner last night, had a sandwich baggie of the cauliflower and chickpeas and pine nuts left over, and just now stood at the sink and ate those for lunch. Seriously, the best! Shared the recipe with two of my friends this morning and told them they have to make it. Make it, I tell you make it, you will love it!!” ~Jayne

Vegetarian Quinoa Tortilla Soup Recipe with Avocado | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Quinoa Tortilla Soup

“So much easier than I was expecting! Since discovering, I’ve made this recipe several times, including for a few potlucks and it always gets rave reviews! So delicious! Thanks for sharing.” ~Nettie

Curried Satay Veggie Bowls Recipe with Zoodles | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Curried Satay Veggie Bowls

“I made this last night and was very impressed! I assumed it would be good, but I was not prepared for just how delicious it would be. It will definitely become a regular meal in our home. Thank you!” ~Kara

Chai Butternut Squash Soup Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Chai Butternut Squash Soup

“Wow! A soup so good my four year old son is devouring it! I could have eaten the whole pot tonight. A new family favorite!” ~Valerie

The BEST Cacio e Pepe Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Cacio e Pepe

“I’ve made other cacio e pepe recipes before, but this one was the absolute best. Such a simple meal, but SO flavorful. Thanks for posting this after your IG story, Ali!” ~Leah

Vegetarian Roasted Cauliflower and Black Bean Tacos Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Roasted Cauliflower and Black Bean Tacos

“That was excellent, just made it tonight, it was wonderful. Bonus: I made more of that delicious sauce, so can put it with chickpeas later this week, and have more refried beans so halfway to more tacos or burrito bowls. Thanks!” ~Maria

Vegetarian Portobello Pot Roast Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Portobello Pot Roast

“As soon as this hit my email I started craving it. Had it for dinner tonight and it was sooo good! My husband had 3 bowls. Can’t wait for my lunch leftovers tomorrow.” ~Alaina

The BEST Fried Rice Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

The BEST Fried Rice

“I feel like I cannot overstate how much I love this recipe. I have made it five times now and even with creative variations it still turnes out amazing! I probably annoy my firends with with how often I’m preaching the virtues of the amazing fried rice I found on Pinterest.” ~Christopher

Cajun Corn Chowder Recipe (Vegan and Gluten-Free) | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Cajun Corn Chowder

“Made this last night to enjoy for lunch today. SO GOOD. Made it exactly as written and added some Crystal hot sauce as a “garnish” to take the heat up a notch. I can’t believe it’s vegan! Thanks a million for the great recipe. Love this site.” ~Maura

The BEST Tex-Mex Migas Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

The Best (and Easiest!) Migas Recipe

“I LOVE Migas! Yes, they are perfect for leftover tortillas or chips. I usually wind up making them very much like this when I have leftover fried corn tortillas from chilaquiles. SO good for the next day. This is great!” ~Mike

Herb-Lovers Lemony Orzo Pasta Salad Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Herb-Lovers Lemony Orzo Salad

“I made this tonight, and it was so fresh and amazing. There’s lots of room for improvising and adding veggies and herbs you love.” ~Caroline

Vegetarian Pasta with Caramelized Sweet Potatoes, Kale and Parmesan | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Pasta with Caramelized Sweet Potatoes and Kale

“We made this last night and it was ???. Thanks for another great recipe!” ~Kelsey

Easy Thai Curry Hot Pot Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Easy Thai Curry Hot Pot

“This looks amazing! Also, way less complicated than I thought hot pot recipes would be. Can’t wait to try it with my girlfriends!” ~Michelle

The BEST Authentic Gazpacho Recipe | 20 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Authentic Gazpacho

“Made this on Sunday and it was amazing! We were actually in Portugal recently and I had gazpacho for the first time and immediately wanted to remake it back home, then literally the next day you posted the recipe! I love that you use all tomatoes, no broth or water like other recipes I saw. It was so delicious and refreshing!” ~Stephanie

For more easy dinner ideas…

…feel free to check out our full collection of Vegetarian Recipes here on Gimme Some Oven. Or as always, feel free to browse our entire collection of Recipes to bookmark some new faves as well. Happy cooking, everyone!

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  1. Yum! As a vegetarian, I’ve already made and loved about half of these recipes (migas, gazpacho, cacio e pepe, your enchilada sauce) and I just added a bunch more of these to my to cook list. :)

  2. Already in love! This is fabulous! I love this list!

  3. I love your blog, and all your recipes here are perfect for starting school/work again! Thank you so much :)

  4. Ahhh….the mushroom stroganoff and Aladdin’s Lentil soup!!!! YUM!

  5. Yum! Thank you!

  6. Perfect timing for this post as I am working towards incorporating more vegetarian meals! Do you have any book recommendations for newbie vegetarians who want to learn about getting the right balance of nutrients from their diet?

  7. Are you ever going to put together a cookbook???

  8. I am really love veggie cooking so Healthy are good ,excise good

  9. Great recipes! I can’t wait to try them!

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