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December 24, 2012 by Ali

On this Merry Christmas Eve, we are kicking off the 4th of our Gimme Some Oven December gift set giveaways — The Coffee Maker! Our previous giveaways have been devoted to The CookThe Baker, and The Griller (which is still open for entries). But today we are celebrating all of you coffee lovers out there with an amazing gift set to make your cup of joe all the merrier.

From a stunningly high-tech coffee brewer, to some terrific coffee-themed art prints, to my favorite locally-roasted coffee beans from my absoute favorite coffee shop, this gift set seriously makes me smile. And crave a cup of coffee. Right about…now.

So for all of you who love your coffee, especially when made and enjoyed at home, this giveaway is for you! Three lucky winners will bring home some coffee goodness, so be sure to enter soon. Don’t forget to check back next week for our final giveaway of the month, and then also visit the other four Gimme Some blogs (Film, Life, Reads, Style) for the many other giveaways happening right now. So much giveaway fun!

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Items Included In “The Coffee Maker” Gift Set Giveaway:

1 Breville YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker ($279.99 value)

All of you coffee lovers get ready, because we are giving away a ridiculously cool coffee maker to one lucky winner — a YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker from Breville! As you can see from the photos above, this is not your typical coffee maker. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You can choose how much to brew: The unique BrewIQ® System ensures the right amount of coffee is dosed with the right amount of water while heating the water to the optimum temperature; then gives you the flexibility to brew directly into your favorite cup, travel mug or the included thermal carafe for weekend entertaining.
  • You can customize your brew strength: There are 7 settings that increase the amount of ground coffee, as well as your flavor profile with 5 settings that vary the steeping time of the coffee and water.
  • It includes a state-of-the-art grinder: The integrated burr grinder then grinds your choice of beans to the optimal size just prior to brewing for maximum freshness, flavor and aroma.

Basically, this coffee maker is brilliant! So if you are looking for a new way to brew in the new year, I highly recommend checking it out, along with all of the other amazing Breville products out there. You can learn more about Breville on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

2 Yumalum Modern Art Prints ($58 value)

I am really excited to be featuring another great Etsy shop for this week’s giveaway – Yumalum! In addition to all sorts of other amazing modern art prints in their shop (including this awesome 2013 calendar), they have great prints for all of you coffee and tea lovers out there. So I’m stoked that we are giving away two of my favorites to one lucky winner — The Catherineholm Vintage Home (pictured above on the left) and It’s Coffee O’Clock. I completely love the simple modern design on these. And you will even get to choose your own colors (offered on Etsy)! Such a great addition to your decor for anyone who loves to enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

Yumalum also has tons of other great prints for any room in your house, so be sure to check out their great Etsy shop. Then also follow Yumalum on their blog, TwitterPinterest and Instagram.

1 Coffee Bean Gift Set from Quay Coffee ($30 value)

Any of my Instagram followers know that my second home is our neighborhood coffee shop, Quay Coffee. It is serene and beautiful, it is where some of the best people I know love to hang out, and they make a mean cup of coffee.

Before I was introduced to Quay and their delicious pour-over coffee, I was always “that coffee drinker” who added lots of cream, sugar and all sorts of random other things to my coffee. But I have heard many people also say that at Quay, you go straight black, because they coffee is that good. I love it iced, I love it hot, I just flat-out love it.

So since we were doing a giveaway devoted to coffee lovers, the very first thing that came to mind was giving one of you lucky readers a chance to brew some Quay of your own! Whether you live in Kansas City or beyond, Quay is sponsoring two 12-ounce bags of their finest whole beans — an Ecuador Blend (Lucas Vera Vilcambaba – juicy, sweet, citrus up front with caramel tones in the finish) and a Guatemala Blend (Atitlan – apple crisp citrus that stays tangy as it finishes). Believe me, your coffee drinking experience will never be quite the same.

If you’re ever in KC, be sure to stop by Quay in person (and tweet me, and I’ll stop by and say hi!). But otherwise, be sure to also say hi on their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Disclaimer: All giveaways have been provided by the brands listed. I was in no way compensated to host these giveaways, and all opinions are my own as always.

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172 thoughts on “the coffee maker gift set giveaway

  1. Not leaving the house for a good cup is most important, especially in the current climate!

    - Jeffrey

  2. Hope I win! And there is an announcement of winners…I love a good cup of coffee in the morning!

    - Jennifer pellette

  3. I love the fresh aroma

    - Thomas Murphy

  4. I love the aroma…wish I could bottle it up.

    - Kim C.

  5. I love the wake-me-up factor!

    - Rust

  6. I love that I don’t have to run out to get a cup.

    - Wanda McHenry

  7. I love that smell and the fact that it’s cheap coffee is also awesome. ;)

    - Elodie

  8. I love the fresh smell

    - Thomas Murphy

  9. I love the fresh aroma

    - Elena

  10. It’s nice to not have to leave the comforts of my home for a good cup of coffee!

    - Jeffrey

  11. What I love most is the way it makes the entire house smell.

    - Natalyn

  12. I would LOVE to win this!

    - Natalyn

  13. The smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen in the morning…

    - Rachel J

  14. Comment #3287 from me. I would really love to enjoy the smell of freshly brewed coffee from this machine. :-)

    - Tammy

  15. I love that a good cup of homemade coffee is cheaper than Starbucks!

    - Wanda McHenry

  16. I like having different flavors for variety.

    - Rust

  17. I love the smell as its brewing!

    - Corey

  18. the great aromas

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  19. I love the fresh taste

    - Thomas Murphy

  20. to be honest, i love a good cup of homemade coffee mostly because my boyfriend brews me a cup every morning, no matter how early or how busy! and it’s delicious :)

    - saki

  21. Love the aroma and flavor of a cup brewed with freshly ground coffee beans.

    - Michelle Deltgen

  22. I love the fresh taste of homemade coffee

    - Elena

  23. My coffee maker is on its last legs….

    - Margaret M

  24. The aroma. :)

    - Elodie

  25. This is a great giveaway! I can’t function without a freshly brewed coffee each morning :)

    - Natalie

  26. I love the smell and the taste of a fresh brew coffee :)

    - Jennifer Hong

  27. Love the colors of the prints. So cute!

    - Bree Courtney

  28. I like the smell of the house when coffee is brewing!

    - Jeffrey

  29. That first whiff of aroma-infused steamy delight that holds the promise of a perfect day…

    - Madeleine

  30. A good cup of homemade coffee gives me a feeling of comfort

    - Wanda McHenry

  31. I love that I can enjoy my cup of homemade coffee in a comfortable, quiet place at home.

    - Kim C.

  32. I love the smell

    - Theresa J

  33. I love the smell and holding that warm mug!!!

    - Teela C

  34. The ritual in the morning!

    - Kathy

  35. i love the taste

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  36. I like the smell when it first starts brewing.

    - Rust

  37. I like that it warms me up in the morning

    - Elena

  38. I love the smell, and the fact that I can have it whenever I feel like it without having to head out!

    - Treva

  39. The smell and wrapping your hands around a warm cup!

    - Jennifer pellette

  40. Love good brewed coffee!

    - Ashley

  41. the smell when it’s brewing
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

    - Louis

  42. I love the smell and taste!

    - Thomas Murphy

  43. When the weather is like it is right now I don’t have to leave my house to get a good cup!

    - Jeffrey

  44. I love drinking homemade coffee from a glass mug instead of a to-go cup. It just makes me feel like i can relax and savor every sip.

    - AMY C

  45. I love that homemade coffee tastes so fresh! Yum, love it!

    - Cynthia L.

  46. Just the great taste!

    - Wanda McHenry

  47. I love the warmth and creaminess after I’ve doctored it. :-)

    - Tammy

  48. I love the taste and smell

    - Thomas Murphy

  49. I love the opportunity to take a break with a friend and visit for a while.

    - Rust

  50. How warm & comforting it is on a winter’s day.

    - Bree Courtney

  51. Can’t imagine starting the day without it!

    - Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet

  52. I love everything about a cup of coffee made at home…I love the way the scent fills the house.. I love the anticipation of it as I’m coming down the stairs… I love the opp to make any flavor I want, at any time..

    - Krista Grandstaff

  53. I love the taste and aroma

    - Elena

  54. I love the smell of it!

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  55. The smell is so comforting!

    - Kaylan

  56. A good cup of home brew means you don’t have to leave your warm, cozy house!

    - Jeffrey

  57. The best part of good coffee at home is your home and your in your jammies and drinking something yummy!

    - Danielle

  58. The ease of access and comfort of home

    - Blessie Nelson

  59. A good cup of homemade coffee first thing in the morning inspires me to have a great day!

    - Wanda McHenry

  60. I am able to make it exactly the way I like it without leaving home and having to wait on a line.

    - Kim C.

  61. I love the kick start it gives to my day!

    - Rachel

  62. I love the robust flavor to start my day.

    - Rust

  63. I don’t drink coffee but my husband does, I would love to give this to him

    - Chelsea O.

  64. I love drinnking in my pjs

    - Theresa J

  65. It just smells lovely.

    - Tammy

  66. The freshness can’t be beat.

    - Donna O'Neil

  67. Fresh home brew, its cheaper and you don’t have to go out in the cold for a cup!

    - Jeffrey

  68. I love that it gives me energy in the morning

    - Elena

  69. I love how coffee instantly puts you in a relaxing state, no matter where you are. Chilling out and sipping coffee go hand in hand.

    - Jess W.Y.

  70. I love the smell.

    - Teresa R.

  71. That you can make it any way you want and it’s always just right!

    - celina k

  72. I love the warm mug in my hand during these winter months!

    - Molly

  73. Aroma

    - Leah

  74. The good book I enjoy with it. =)

    - Cady

  75. I love the whole process and its calming nature.

    - Rust

  76. I like the fresh aroma and the first taste is fantastic!!

    - scott

  77. I love the aroma of a freshly, brewed cup of coffee.

    - Kim C.

  78. I love the aroma and warm mug

    - Evelyn R

  79. Still loving the warmth and the scent.

    - Tammy

  80. A *good* cup of coffee evokes good memories.

    - Kathleen

  81. I love the taste of homemade cup of coffee, because I can make it just the way I like it

    - Elena

  82. I like the price, a lot cheaper than one purchased, and you don’t have to leave the comforts of your own home!

    - Jeffrey

  83. I love that it wakes me up in preparation for chasing a 2 year old all day!

    - Bree Courtney

  84. I am in desperate need of a new coffee maker, and this one is the best I’ve seen yet. Not to mention the amazing coffee and artwork you’re also giving away! What a delight!

    - Julia

  85. It’s cheap and utterly delicious if you make it right. :)

    - rachel

  86. I love how it warms me up & wakes me up in the morning!

    - Jeanna

  87. I love the taste of good homemade cup of coffee!

    - Wanda McHenry

  88. First giveaway I’ve ever done the daily entries for. Want.

    - Tammy

  89. I love the invigoration of a good coffee break.

    - Rust

  90. Saving money and fresh brew coffee.

    - Claudia

  91. I love the smell of the freshly brewed coffee

    - Elena

  92. One good thing about a good homemade cup is that its cheaper than one purchased at a coffee house.

    - Jeffrey

  93. That you don’t have to pay for it.

    - Donna O'Neil

  94. Sitting with a good book and savoring every sip!

    - Wanda McHenry

  95. Love, love LOVE drinking homebrew 1st thing in the morning before the rest of the house is up! Favorite jammies, comfy slippers watching the sun come up outside my kitchen window!

    - amanda evans

  96. Sharing a good cup of coffee is a great way to socialize with neighbors.

    - Rust

  97. My son in law would make good use of the Breville coffee maker!

    - Rust

  98. It’s nice to never have to leave the house for a good cup of coffee!

    - Jeffrey

  99. Today my 2 cups of Vanilla Biscotti Coffee kept me warm all morning…..I may have had to reheat my cup a couple times, but it was still yummy!

    - Bree Courtney

  100. The fresh brewed flavor

    - Wanda McHenry

  101. My daughter the coffee lover would really enjoy the Quay coffee beans.

    - Rust

  102. I love the smell of a good cup of coffee brewing.

    - Amy L

  103. I like the ability to make my own good cup without leaving the house.

    - Jeffrey

  104. I love being able to brew a cup of coffee whenever I like and not have to wait on any lines.

    - Kim C.

  105. I love the aroma!

    - Wanda McHenry

  106. The thing I love most about a cup of coffee is the SMELL! (Hazelnut is the best)

    - Lana Paige

  107. I love a good cup at home out in my garden (drinking it with soy milk, which sounds like it might be disgusting – but isn’t, just heat it first).

    - Margot C

  108. I love experimenting at home and making different coffee beverages.

    - Jenny - Creative Cooking GF

  109. What an awesome coffee pot! Mine just broke, so this would be awesome!

    - Carrie

  110. I enjoy the smell as much as I do the taste.

    - Rust

  111. The best cup of coffee made in our house is by my husband… he is our residential brewer… best beers and coffees. Doesn’t get much better than than :)

    - Christine

  112. Reminds me of my grandmother and when she would stay over and she would be making coffee first thing in the AM.

    - Maureen

  113. There’s nothing like the smell of a brewing pot of coffee.

    - Tammy

  114. I like that you don’t have to get out in the cold just to get a good cup!

    - Jeffrey

  115. Oooh, ahh! Coffee is always required. Especially before early clinical shifts.

    - Sarah L

  116. I love the aroma that fills the house when you brew a fresh pot of coffee.

    - Kim C.

  117. It would have to be the smell. thanks!!

    - Kel

  118. I love how inexpensive it is :) I can make whatever I want and save a ton of money doing it that way.

    - Jenny - Creative Cooking GF

  119. I’ve never had a coffee maker and my boyfriend promised to show me how to make coffee if I had one. We go to wawa every day and it’s getting very expensive. I would love to wake up to coffee brewing for the first time.
    Thank you,,, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we win. He will be so surprised that I’ve compromised!!! :)

    - Karin

  120. The best thing about homemade coffee is the way it makes your home smell.

    - SaraC

  121. The thing I love most about a good cup of homemade coffee is that I don’t have to change out of my jammie to enjoy it.

    - Danielle

  122. I love how good a cup of coffee smells! :)

    - Dee

  123. a good cuo of homemade coffee leaves me all warm & cozy inside and relaxes me before i start my day. it’s like comfort food in liquid form for me, haha!

    - kat

  124. I love holding a hot, steaming cup of black coffee in my hands on a cold, snowy morning, looking at the birds and wildlife outside the window foraging for seeds and food. So relaxing and delightful!

    - MaryB

  125. The smell as it brews

    - Emily K

  126. I love the robust flavor.

    - Rust

  127. I want this bad!

    - Tammy

  128. The morning can get started with a cup of coffee.

    - Maureen

  129. I love the warmth a cup brings to my fingertips than gives a boost from head to toe!

    - Angela

  130. I mostly like the smell of a good cup brewing!

    - Jeffrey

  131. I love that it’s cheap and always good if I make it.

    - Claire

  132. The yummy smell!

    - Courtney Mac

  133. I love a good strong cup of coffee!

    - Laura R

  134. The calming feeling I get with every sip!

    - Wanda McHenry

  135. Still love the smell and the warmth.

    - Tammy

  136. I love the way it anchors my day in the morning.

    - Rust

  137. The smell of it makes me want to start a new day.

    - Maureen

  138. I love how a good cup of coffee just makes you feel warmer and more ready to seize the day. Plus, it smells fresh and invigorating! :)

    - Dee

  139. merry christmas!

    - kristin

  140. A nice cup of coffee is a great pick me up in the morning.

    - Jeffrey

  141. WhatI love most about a good cup of homemade coffee is that I can control how strong the coffee is. And I mean, I love it super bold and strong. :)

    - Amy Tong

  142. The aroma and the flavor

    - rebecca shockley

  143. I love the freshness of homemade coffee!

    - Marie

  144. I love the smell of good coffee.

    - Carolyn G

  145. I love the smell and the warmth.

    - Tammy

  146. I love the smell!

    - Kristin T

  147. It just brings me back to my childhood, watching my mother get ready for work. It reminds me of her and the happiness I felt for my future :)

    - Chelsea W

  148. What I love the most about a homemade cup of coffe is that you can enjoy it at home around the kitchen table with family.

    - Kim C.

  149. I love that you can customize the strength of the brew. Rich, strong coffee is what I crave in the morning, something lighter for an afternoon pick-me-up.

    - Michelle Deltgen

  150. I love the aroma!

    - heather

  151. I love that coffee comes in so many flavors and roasts, there’s a flavor out there for everyone!

    - Kayla

  152. What do I love most about a cup of coffee…I love the bitterness. I think it is more of a pick me up than the caffeine

    - ladywild

  153. just knowing that it’s fresh. and of course, free refills!

    - abby

  154. I love that homemade coffee is piping hot and fresh. :)

    - Kara

  155. I love the way it makes the house smell, warms my hands and tastes so comforting & sweet. I also don’t mind the caffeine on mornings when my 2 year old is up extra early. : )

    - Bree Courtney

  156. Sharing it with someone!

    - Amy | Amy's Cooking Adventures

  157. That coffeemaker may be more advanced than my computer! I love it!

    - Audrey B.

  158. I do like the smell of coffee.

    - Beth C.

  159. I love that I don’t have to get dressed to enjoy my coffee!

    - Heather Hicks

  160. I love the flavor and smell.

    - Madeline

  161. The little kick it gives me to handle my heard of children!

    - Helen

  162. The aroma and the fact that it is a natural part of the day.

    - Maureen

  163. I love the feeling I get sitting in front of my computer with a fresh cup of coffee in the morning! Makes me ready to take on my day!

    - Sheila Hickmon

  164. I Love that it is hot & delicious.

    - Kelly D

  165. I can’t wake up without my cup of coffee! I need that caffeine boost!

    - Katie

  166. love the aroma debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

    - debbie jackson

  167. Nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning.

    - Kevin

  168. I love how a good cup tastes, just fresh!

    - Jeffrey

  169. The first cup in the morning.

    - Melanie O.

  170. My old coffee pot has seen better days and I use it every day. I need a new one!

    - Judy

  171. I love the freshness and that I can get back in bed

    - Theresa J