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December 31, 2012 by Ali

The end of December has arrived. And with that, today we launch our final December gift set giveaway devoted to The Smoothie Maker!

This month we have featured delicious gift sets for The CookThe Baker, The Griller and The Coffee Maker (the last two are still open for entries). But today, in honor of all of you who might be vowing to make more healthy meal options in the new year, we are devoting our final giveaway to all things smoothies!! (I will be posting a smoothie recipe roundup tomorrow if anyone is interested in some new delicious combinations.)

I am super excited that this giveaway features one of my absolute favorite appliances in my kitchen, plus some super-cute new ways to serve and transport your smoothies, and one of my best go-to cookbooks for the topic. So much smoothie goodness!

So if you love to make smoothies at home, or if you are hoping to learn how, this giveaway is for you! Three lucky winners will bring home some smoothie goodness, so be sure to enter soon. Don’t forget to also visit the other four Gimme Some blogs (Film, Life, Reads, Style) to enter the other giveaways happening right now. Cheers to a great month of giveaways!

How To Enter “The Smoothie Maker” Gift Set Giveaway:

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Items Included In “The Smoothie Maker” Gift Set Giveaway:

1 Blendtec Designer Series Wildside Blender ($499.95 value)

I am beyond excited that we are giving away one of my absolute favorite centerpieces in my kitchen — a Blendtec Designer Series Wildside Blender!

Blentecs have been all the rage recently, and with good reason. These blenders can seriously do just about anything!! I was amazed how many uses I found for my Blendtec once I realized all it could do. The Designer Series Wildside Blender will blend batters, crush ice, juice, or blend ice creams, soups and of course…smoothies…and so much more. I have even been known to make hummus in mine! And I love the fancy design that lets you control the speed with just the touch of your finger. (So simple – you can literally just slide your finger up and down on the touchpad!) Also, with 1560 watts of power, you can see why this is a machine that the pros trust. It’s sleek, powerful, and basically, brilliant.

So get ready because one lucky winner is going to win a Blendtec of their very own!! And for any of you who have been thinking about taking the Blendtec plunge, be sure to learn more at their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. You will not regret it! :)

3 Mason Jar Tumblers from The Mason Bar Company ($37 value)

For all of you out there who love pinning mason jar photos on Pinterest, and for those who would just love a cute and eco-friendly new way to transport (and show off!) your beautiful smoothies, I am so excited to introduce you to The Mason Bar Company!

One lucky winner will receive a set of three mason jar tumblers from their shop — including 2 24-ounce Mason Jar Tumblers and 1 32-ounce Mason Jar Tumbler. Made from classic mason canning jars, topped with these cute lids and reusable BPA-free straws, these are the perfect solution for transporting your delicious smoothies, coffees, juices, or even water when out and about. The 24-ounce tumblers also fit perfectly in cup holders for when you are on the road. And when you order, you even get to choose your favorite colors of straws. ;)

The Mason Bar Company also has many other great products in their shop, including a lid and straw set if you already have mason/canning jars at home, so be sure to check out their great Etsy shop. Then also follow The Mason Bar Company on Facebook and Twitter.

1 ’500 Smoothies & Juices’ Cookbook ($18 value)

If you are looking for a new cookbook for some smoothie inspiration in the new year, 500 Smoothies & Juices has long been one of my favorites. The recipes are organized into categories for Simple Smoothies, Breakfast Blends, Fragrant Infusions, Health Tonics, Juice Boosts, Blends For Kids, Milkshakes, Thick & Frosty, Naughty But Nice and Boozy Blends. And let me tell you — they are yummy!

The cookbook also features beautiful photography, all sorts of helpful tips, and countless ideas for fun new twists on a simple drink. I love it, and hope you will too! One lucky reader will win a copy. But this would also be a great gift to give yourself (or a friend!) as we embark on a healthier new year.

In Case You Missed It:

To enter the giveaway, follow the instructions in the Rafflcopter widget above just below the pagebreak.

Disclaimer: All giveaways have been provided by the brands listed. I was in no way compensated to host these giveaways, and all opinions are my own as always. This post contains affiliate links.

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About Ali

Ali Ebright is a freelance recipe developer and food writer/photographer, and blogs at Gimme Some Oven and Gimme Some Life. She also loves all things music, traveling near and far, actually making things from Pinterest, cozying up with a good book and her sweet pup, Henry, and spending time with a wonderful group of friends. Come say hello and follow Ali on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & Instagram.

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606 thoughts on “the smoothie maker gift set giveaway

  1. Love getting new ideas for smoothies

    - jaime

  2. Mmmm, smoothie, what a delicious way to start your day!

    - Helen

  3. I would love a banana smoothie

    - Thomas Murphy

  4. Peanut butter & banana smoothie

    - Wanda McHenry

  5. Strawberry, blackberry. Yummy :)

    - Jill

  6. Blueberry & rice milk smoothie with chocolate whey protein smoothie!

    - kfloveinme

  7. I’d love a green detox smoothie!

    - Amanda

  8. Blueberry/lemon smoothie

    - Wendy T

  9. Would love to make the green detox smoothie!

    - Ryan

  10. I’d love to make a banana smoothie!

    - Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe )

  11. Peanut butter, banana, spinach

    - Kristen

  12. Mango pineapple with some sort of green

    - Allison

  13. Cherries, banana, OJ, yogurt!

    - Brandy

  14. blueberry!

    - courtney b

  15. I love strawberry banana smoothies

    - Carmen

  16. I’d make a green goddess smoothie.

    - Kristen M.

  17. I’d like to make a berry yogurt smoothie.My favorite.

    - Amy L

  18. Something with peanut butter. Yum!

    - Marlo

  19. strawberry colada smoothie sounds yummy

    - amy pugmire

  20. Pomegranate with mango sounds good with banana perhaps

    - Maureen

  21. orange cream smoothies

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  22. Pina Colada Smoothie!

    - Aneesa

  23. I would love to try and make a refreshing mixed citrus smoothie.

    - Kim C.

  24. Green lemonade with kale, lemons and apples.

    - Karen Lynch

  25. I’d go with a veggie smoothie!

    - Jeffrey

  26. Pineapple + vanilla smoothie!

    - Fidza Hamdan

  27. Thank you for having this giveaway and giving us all an opportunity to win this Blendtec Blender combo!
    It would be so exciting to win such a blender!
    Good luck everyone! :)

    - Janice Fehr`

  28. I’d like to make a green smoothie (kale, spinach) sweetened with pears and bananas.

    - Annette

  29. Strawberry!

    - Karen D

  30. I want a smoothie with blueberries, bananas and Greek yogurt.

    - Craig

  31. Green detox smoothie

    - Jill

  32. Strawberry pineapple ice shaker!

    - Rachel

  33. I want to try green smoothies!

    - Valerie DeLap

  34. Real juice fruit smoothies

    - Allison

  35. Green smoothie + coconut oil.

    - Rachel J

  36. Cherry vanilla smoothie

    - Wanda McHenry

  37. kale and almond milk smoothie would be one healthy drink!

    - kfloveinme

  38. A green one using Kale.

    - Karen Lynch

  39. I really want to make a mixed berry and banana smoothie.

    - Kim C.

  40. love smoothies with banana and peanut butter!

    - alex

  41. I found your blog through a link on IowaGirlEats. I have been wanting a Blendtec since I saw it on her blog, but I missed that give-away. So, fingers-crossed for this one!

    Thanks! :)

    Oh, and I’d make the Green Monster Smoothie with this.

    - Tracy

  42. Berry smoothie.

    - Wendy T

  43. Okay, today I’m dreaming of an Oreo smoothie…..maybe more of a shake, but the word smoothie makes it sound more healthy. Hahaha yeah right. :)

    - Bree Courtney

  44. I want a blueberry smoothie

    - Thomas Murphy

  45. I love berry smoothies!!

    - Nicole

  46. my favorite smoothie is strawberry, orange, raspberry,pomegranate!

    - Tessa

  47. I’m feeling tropical… so how about mango and pineapple?!

    - Brandy

  48. love to make a strawberry, blueberry banana smoothie!

    - amy pugmire

  49. Avocado smoothie :)

    - Fidza Hamdan

  50. a pumpkin smoothie

    - Krista

  51. banana smoothies

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  52. blueberries, spinach, chia seeds, ginger, tumeric, kombucha = super food, super good!

    - stef

  53. I’d like to try a strawberry and ginger smoothie with this.

    - Annette

  54. A smoothie with ice cream would be wonderful on a hot summer day.

    - Maureen

  55. I used to work at a smoothie shop so I would love to recreate some of the smoothies that I used to make! Specifically – banana, honey, yogurt, peanut butter, and granola. YUM!

    - Lauren M.

  56. I really love this blender! I’ve used my daughter’s several times, so I know what to expect! :)

    - Janice Fehr`

  57. pink grapefruit almond milk smoothie

    - Sabrina

  58. I’m running out of ways to comment. It might be nice to throw some pineapple juice, Coco Lopez, coconut rum & a little mint in an adult smoothie!

    - Craig

  59. A veggie smoothie would be grand!

    - Jeffrey

  60. Pumpkin pie smoothie

    - Karen D

  61. Peanut Butter Banana!

    - Aneesa

  62. vegan pineapple smoothie!

    - katherine d

  63. Mango Pineapple Smoothie! Yum yum yum :D

    - Rachel

  64. I would make a green smoothie. I am so addicted to them right now!

    - Morghan

  65. A banana shake…..remembering when it was a special treat when my momma made these for us when I was little. Milk, Banana, Ice, Sugar & Nutmeg. Yum!

    - Bree Courtney

  66. I would def be making the green smoothie for help in losing weight in this 66 year old body.

    - Arlene

  67. Pineapple Coconut smoothie

    - Wanda McHenry

  68. A banana and orange and pomegranate smoothie

    - Maureen

  69. Spinash, cucumber, and almond milk smoothie!

    - kfloveinme

  70. I’d make all kinds of fruit smoothies and green smoothies!

    - Risa

  71. I love green smoothies!

    - Reina

  72. Chocolate mocha smoothie.

    - Karen Lynch

  73. I would love to make a roasted strawberry or blueberry smoothie.

    - Kim C.

  74. Triple berry, greek yogurt, pineapple juice and honey for me.

    - Wendy T

  75. I would love to try all the smoothly recipes.

    - Catherine King

  76. I would make a peanut butter, chocolate banana smoothie!

    - Elizabeth!

  77. I would love to make a mango berry smoothie!

    - Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe )

  78. I would love to try and orange cream smoothie!

    - amy pugmire

  79. I would like to make a blueberry passionfruit smoothie!

    - Jennifer pellette

  80. I’ve never had a green smoothie. It’s time!

    - Sue

  81. I’d make a peach, mango smoothie.

    - Kristen M.

  82. strawberry banana smoothie!

    - Elena

  83. I would like to make a Peach smoothie

    - Thomas Murphy

  84. strawberry banana!

    - courtney b

  85. Strawberry peach is still my favorite smoothie! yum!!!!!!

    - Rachel

  86. I’d love to try green smoothies!

    - lorilea

  87. Strawberry banana would be fun

    - Joanna

  88. this would be an awesome thing to win!

    - Jana

  89. id make strawberry banana shake

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  90. I want to get into making green smoothies. My girl and I need more veggies in our diets and she doesn’t like the texture of leafy greens so lots of leafy greens will be in our smoothy!

    - Margaret Grote

  91. I wonder if I can incorporate veggie and make a thicker type of V8 juice?

    - Brandy

  92. I would make a smoothie everyday with my Blendtec!

    - Tamara

  93. Best giveaway! I’d love to win! Can’t wait to try some of your smoothies! Especially the detox smoothie.

    - Emily Merkley

  94. I love strawberry banana smoothies! But I would christen my new blender with this green smoothie you just shared with us! Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!!

    - Myra Foster Smith

  95. Definitely green smoothies are my favorite. Good way to get in some greens!!

    - Missy

  96. Trying green smoothies sounds like a good way to get the new year off to a good start!

    - Lindsay

  97. I’d like to figure a way to make like a “morning muffin” minus the muffin! Carrot, raisins (or plums), almond milk, maybe some fine oat bran, splash of fresh apple. :)

    - Christine S

  98. I’d make a fruit smoothie with lots of ginger and maybe some greens.

    - Annette

  99. Spinach, berries, protein powder, milk.

    - Lexi

  100. I would love to make a green smoothie!!

    - Jenny

  101. I love to add matcha to smoothies – makes it nice and green

    - Krista

  102. delish! I found your site via pinterest (the green detox smoothie looks fab). I just started a little smoothie project to help fuel my half marathon training. My favorite right now is kefir, unsweetened almond milk, 1 frozen banana, spinach, frozen cherries and a touch of honey :)

    - Devon

  103. Really trying to get healthy this year… make it a lifestyle not just a diet! This would definitely help, I’ve had my eye on that blender for a while :)

    - Krysten

  104. Any sort of mango smoothie!

    - Caroline

  105. I want to start making lot more green smoothies, especially for breakfast…
    All I need is a great blender! Thank you offering this contest giveaway!

    - Janice Fehr`

  106. One of the popular GREEN smoothies…to include the ‘green’ spinach or kale. Definitely add pineapple, too!

    - brenda B

  107. Chocolate peanut butter banana

    - Megan M

  108. Something tropical so I can dream of summer!

    - Erin T

  109. I love green smoothies and a Blendtec would make my smoothies perfect!

    - Laura

  110. I made a smoothie with spinach for the first time this week. I never knew how delicious it could be! Now I’m excited to try more new recipes…a new blender would be awesome!

    - Marsha Hewett

  111. Apricot Peach!

    - Aneesa

  112. I would love to make a chocolate-y type of smoothie.

    - Marlo

  113. Strawberry bannana

    - Karen D

  114. I think a smoothie with lots of vegetables would be good.

    - Craig

  115. oatmeal raisin smoothie for me!

    - katherine d

  116. I would love to make a green detox smoothie listed on your blog.

    - Jill

  117. I’d make some with lots of veggies, a power smoothie!

    - Jeffrey

  118. Nut butters and green smoothies

    - Rachel J

  119. What a great combo of gifts! The Blendtec looks wonderful!

    - Denise G.

  120. Orange Creme smoothie

    - Wanda McHenry

  121. I’d like to try one made with strawberries and mangos.

    - Karen Lynch

  122. I’m interested in making an oatmeal or quinoa based smoothie.

    - Kim C.

  123. I want to make something tropical.. something with mango and pineapple :)

    - Marlo

  124. Peach Mango!

    - Aneesa

  125. I would try and like healthy green smoothies.

    - kfloveinme

  126. I have been wanting to try green smoothies!

    - Valerie DeLap

  127. berries and banana

    - Val

  128. Fruit and oatmeal

    - Allison

  129. My fave smoothie is:spinach, pear, dates, and blueberries!

    - Kayte CookWatts

  130. I would make a lovely fruit and veggie smoothie with kale, mango, banana, and chia seeds.

    - Angie W

  131. I want to make a kiwi smoothie

    - Thomas Murphy

  132. Peach Mango or Strawberry Banana

    - Cristina Wyatt

  133. Raspberry and lime smoothie

    - shaunie

  134. I wouldlove to replicate Jamba Juices Mango a go go

    - Theresa J

  135. I would like to make strawberry, blackberry and banana shake! :)

    - Fidza Hamdan

  136. i would love to make protein shakes that will keep me full all morning

    - ashely

  137. I would LOVE to make a green smoothie or protein ice cream smoothie in my new blender ;)

    - Andrea M

  138. Greens smoothie!

    - Lia

  139. banana kiwi smoothie

    - Elena

  140. Traditional Strawberry Banana! Hmmmmm :)

    - Rachel

  141. Greek yogurt, spinach, strawberries.

    - Brandy

  142. I would make a smoothie with pineapple and blueberry.

    - Kristen M.

  143. I would make a smoothie for breakfast everyday – my current fav is chocolate blueberry with greek frozen yogurt!

    - Elizabeth

  144. I would make a chocolate strawberry smoothie.

    - Juli W

  145. Strawberry Banana!!!

    - Laurie

  146. i would make a banana kiwi smoothie

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  147. Banana orange smoothie

    - Maureen

  148. The green detox smoothie sounds like a great idea after all the Christmas goodies!!

    - Janice Fehr`

  149. I would love to make a green smoothie (kale/spinach) sweetened with fruits.

    - Annette

  150. blueberry banana sounds so good.

    - amy pugmire

  151. I think a peanut butter, banana & honey smoothie would be tasty.

    - Craig

  152. Green smoothie

    - Karen D

  153. I’m eager to try out some of those super green smoothies!

    - Kim @ design + life + kids

  154. A veggie smoothie is at the top of my list!

    - Jeffrey

  155. I would love to make the green detox smoothie!

    - Jill

  156. I’m feeling a breakfast banana milkshake with oatmeal and flaxseed.

    - Melinda

  157. Mmm..the Fresh Orange Smoothie would be wonderful in this!

    - Monti Moore

  158. I’d really like to try making some green smoothies!

    - jennifer

  159. Lets see…..a virgin pina coloda smoothie sounds really good right now!

    - Bree Courtney

  160. I’d love to make an oatmeal shake.

    - Kristen M.

  161. Peach Mango smoothie!

    - Wanda McHenry

  162. I need to try a green smoothie.

    - Kim C.

  163. Chocolate banana smoothie.

    - Karen Lynch

  164. A detox smoothie to rid my body of unwanted materials then smoothies that would keep me full and be nutritious to help with weight loss.

    - Allison

  165. I would love to make a green smoothie

    - amy pugmire

  166. I want to make a orange smoothie

    - Thomas Murphy

  167. So would love a orange pomegranate

    - Maureen

  168. Strawberry blueberry banana

    - David Haug

  169. Spinash & carrot smoothie!

    - kfloveinme

  170. Banana Blueberry!

    - Aneesa

  171. I’d love to make peach smoothie

    - Tian A.

  172. Soy-free smoothies for my wife with a soy allergy make me happy.

    - Ed Roberts

  173. I’d love to make a strawberry banana smoothie!!

    - Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe )

  174. A green smoothie sounds yummy

    - Theresa J

  175. I’d like to try one of those homemade orange julius smoothies.

    - Brandy

  176. I stumbled upon your site while looking for smoothie recipes, but since there is a giveaway involved…
    I’d so much love to try all sorts of combinations… provided there is ginger!
    Thanks for the chance!

    - Line

  177. I love making mango, peach, and orange smoothies!

    - JAclyn

  178. banana orange smoothie

    - Elena

  179. id make kiwi mango smoothies

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  180. Green smoothies — lots of fiber and goodness!

    - Rachel J

  181. Orange mango!

    - Karen D

  182. My blender just died – i am having smoothie withdrawals!!!!

    - Elizabeth

  183. A Green Smoothie – I’ve seen some amazing recipes (Dr. Oz included) I’d like to try!

    - Christine S

  184. I would like to say that I think the mason tumblers are an excellent idea…so often I am trying to find a nice container big enough that I can put my smoothie in when I’m on the go, and I do not like using plastic! :)

    - Janice Fehr`

  185. Immune boosting smoothie

    - Tamara

  186. I started green smoothies this week for breakfast. Using spinach, frozen banana, pineapple and some coconut-almond milk. Going to branch out and try spinach and pumpkin, it will be tasty but the color won’t be as attractive!

    - Suzy

  187. I would make a pineapple, orange, banana smoothie!!!!!!!

    - Teela C

  188. Green Smoothies!! starting to eat clean!!!

    - Heather

  189. I would like to make a green smoothie sweetened with fruits.

    - Annette

  190. I love to make blueberry, spinach, strawberry and grape smoothies!

    - lisa

  191. I love “Apple Pie” smoothies. It’s a great green-breakfast treat that I would love to make with this blender!

    - Elizabeth

  192. I’d most like to make a cashew kale smoothie. That’s my personal favorite!

    - Cadry

  193. a blueberry/strawberry smoothie

    - Marlo

  194. I would love to make a Strawberry, Banana, Mango Smoothie with some fresh mint.

    - Cindy Brickley

  195. This would be perfect to make healthy breakfast smoothies and refreshing afternoon smoothies in the hot summer.

    - Courtney

  196. Has anyone ever used basil in their smoothie? It mixes well many different fruits and adds a nice zing to your drink.

    - Craig


    - Jeffrey

  198. This blender makes me want a Jamba Juice Razzmatazz smoothie really badly…

    - Kristin

  199. A peach smoothie please

    - Margaret M

  200. Strawberry Banana smoothies are my favorite, with just a little vanilla whey

    - Keli

  201. Love your recipes!

    - Mindy

  202. Strawberry Peach! It’s sweet && delicious! Yum :)

    - Rachel

  203. I’d love to make a yummy banana smoothie or a tomato crab soup

    - Olivia

  204. Tomato soup so I can try out the soup cycle.

    - Karen Lynch

  205. Your new green smoothie

    - Allison

  206. i want to try more green smoothies!!

    - Angela M

  207. I’d love to make Kiwi smoothie

    - Tian A.

  208. i really want to make green smoothies for breakfast!

    - teri pastorino

  209. iced coffee drinks, fancy ones

    - leah

  210. vegan maple sweet potato smoothie – yum!

    - katherine d

  211. Mango orange pomegranate smoothie would be great

    - Maureen

  212. I’d like to recreate my favorite acai smoothie.

    - Kristen M.

  213. Pineaple + coconut smoothie!! Yummy!

    - Patricia Wright

  214. Peach banana smoothie!

    - Wendy

  215. I would love to make a Cherry Creme Smoothie

    - Stacey

  216. I want to make a banana strawberry smoothie

    - Thomas Murphy

  217. Strawberry Banana is my favorite!!

    - Emily B

  218. My good friends have a Blendtec and it amazes me! You can blend raw kale with fruit and seeds (like flax seeds) and everything is pureed perfectly. This blender is tough and would be a dream to have :)

    - Elissa

  219. I would love to make smoothies and soups!!

    - Lynn Fang

  220. We enjoy smoothies and they have been a regular part of our diet regimen with both my hubby and me losing 40 pounds each! We really love green smoothies as well as triple berry smoothies. I also like to “hide” veggies and fruits that my kids would not normally eat in smoothies – they never even know they’re in there!

    - Amy Reed

  221. I would love to make breakfast smoothies.

    - Andrea

  222. A pineapple spinach smoothie

    - Courtney

  223. I love green smoothies for breakfast! I would definitely make them with this set :)

    - Elizabeth

  224. I would love to make a chocolate-mocha smoothie!

    - Robin O

  225. I would like to incorporate more greens into smoothies!

    - Sarah

  226. Peanut butter banana and almond milk!

    - Shannon

  227. A fruity smoothie with a couple of handfuls of greens!

    - Trezlen

  228. a big ole green smoothie!

    - Christine

  229. Your green detox smoothie looks delicious! A new blender could help me mix one up in a flash!

    - Bernie B

  230. Great Giveaway! I would make my new smoothie obsession: Cranberry Sauce Smoothie :)

    - Nicole

  231. banana strawberry smoothie

    - Elena

  232. This blender looks wonderful. The first smoothie I ever made was called a Strawberry Banana Breakfast Shake…it predated the smoothie name! I’ve made a lot of different kinds ever since. One favorite is kiwi/green apple/honeydew.

    - Lois

  233. I love making protein smoothies, and would love to try a green smoothie. :)

    - Valerie DeLap

  234. I want my family to eat and drink healthier! Fruit smoothies with some veggies for my girls and green smoothies for me. I need a smoothie maker that’ll work and last!

    - Melinda T

  235. I would love to make a green smoothie with spinach, almond milk, and mixed fruit. When peach season comes around, definitely a peachy-green smoothie.

    - Alison S.

  236. I would love this blender. Need to get better smoothies and this would do it!

    - Michelle

  237. I would make tons of smoothies! But I would mostly make smoothies, since it’s the only way to get my daughter to eat greens!

    - Katie T.

  238. I love green smoothies!

    - Kenna

  239. A green smoothie!!!!!!!!

    - Teela C

  240. That blender is awesome! I love their recipes on their facebook page too!

    - Kate

  241. Well, I am entering this draw again… I’m being dedicated to entering :)
    I need a blender, and I’ve seen one like this in action, so I know what I’d be getting if I won..
    Lots of smoothies for years to come!! :)

    - Janice Fehr`

  242. A tropical smoothie – something with coconut, mango, pineapple, guava, etc. YUM!

    - Laura C.

  243. strawberry banana is my favorite!!!

    - courtney b

  244. I would most definitely make my green smoothie everyday in this beautiful Blentec Blender!

    - Dofe

  245. Wow! What a wonderful way to start the new year – This beautiful Blendtec Blender and a way to finally get HEALTHY!!! Thank you *so* much!

    - Sheila

  246. I’d like to try the green smoothie… be a part of the rage. My son would really benefit, too.

    - Brandy

  247. Strawberry Banana

    - jackie r

  248. have never tried a green smoothie…will have to try some spinach in mine!

    - kimt

  249. An avocado smoothie!

    - Kristin Wisnewski

  250. I’d love to make a green smoothie.

    - Sweta

  251. Chocolate, peanut butter, banana smoothie!

    - Whitney

  252. Love this give away, will make some “new to me” healthy smoothies in it!!!!

    - Heather

  253. I’ve never juiced or made smoothies. But I would love to! I just joined a 30 day clean eating group and this would be PERFECT for me!

    - Keri-Danielle

  254. Green Smoothies

    - Tamara

  255. weight loss smoothies!

    - Rachel J

  256. I’m having a hard time getting my 2 yr old to eat veggies. I’ve been making green smoothies for him…little does he know they are packed with kale or spinach. Haha.

    - Allison

  257. How about a smoothie with lime & ginger?

    - Craig

  258. Vanilla Almond, Pomegranate Pear Smoothie! YUMMMM

    - Christine S

  259. So excited about this!! I have been wanting to start juicing and making more smoothies but haven’t known where to start and this would be perfect!

    - Elizabeth W

  260. I would like to make smoothies with more greens.

    - Kim C.

  261. I would make a healthy veggie smoothie!

    - Jeffrey

  262. I couldn’t go wrong with a bananas and strawberry smoothie.

    - Kristen M.

  263. I would take the 7 day green smoothie challenge

    - Jill

  264. I’d love to make apple and broccoli smoothie.

    - Tian A.

  265. berry smoothies

    - lana

  266. Peanut butter and banana!!!!!

    - Teela C

  267. I would love to make a triple berry smoothie!

    - Natalie S

  268. Pineapple banana smoothie

    - Wanda McHenry

  269. Blackberry Cherry!

    - Aneesa

  270. Banana, natural peanut butter with chocolate whey protein smoothie! Yumm

    - kfloveinme

  271. Mmm…I love to make strawberry orange banana smoothies, especially in summer.

    - Janelle

  272. At our club today the smoothie of the day was Caramel Apple, sounds yum and would love to try to make one.

    - Karen Lynch

  273. blueberry raspberry smoothie

    - Elena

  274. A Caramel Mocha Frappuccino sounds yummy right now….not really a smoothie, but I’m gonna say it counts.

    - Bree Courtney

  275. I would make a banana smoothies

    - Thomas Murphy

  276. carrot cashew ginger soup from moosewood

    - Leah

  277. id make banana smoothies

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  278. I’d like to use this to make a smoothie with kale, spinach, and lots of fruits.

    - Annette

  279. YUM Ginger Pomegranate orange smoothie

    - Maureen

  280. This is such a generous offer! I am seriously in need of a blender bc I am a big smoothie maker!..usually every single morning for breakfast! :)

    - Janice Fehr`

  281. Yum! Smoothies!!

    - Craig

  282. A veggie smoothie, with spinach and carrots!

    - Jeffrey

  283. I would love to make an orange strawberry smoothie

    - amy pugmire

  284. Kale, watermelon, strawberry, flax seed, some sort of fiber, and maybe banana.

    - Jenna Timman

  285. Something with fresh fruit for sure. . probably strawberries and orange?

    - Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

  286. What a wonderful giveaway! I’d love to make green smoothies if I won this giveaway!

    - Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious

  287. I like strawberry smoothie.

    - Kim D.

  288. I would like to make all kinds of green smoothies and lose some weight for 2013.

    - Rachel J

  289. Rasberry and Blueberry protein smoothie.

    - Karen Lynch

  290. Strawberry Mango is my favvv<3 Yum!

    - Rachel

  291. Vanilla Cranberry Pomegranate Pear smoothie! *Yes Please!*

    - Cj

  292. A Berry Smoothie.

    - Sarah C

  293. I’d love to orange smoothie

    - Tian A.

  294. A very berry smoothie!

    - Aneesa

  295. I would make a banana smoothie with cocoa powder, spinach and dates

    - Laura Bruce

  296. I’d make a banana, strawberry, cranberry smoothie!

    - Julie

  297. Strawberry banana blueberry smoothie with plain yogurt

    - David Haug

  298. Wow! I would make a different smoothie each day!

    - Shawna

  299. Berries! Pretty much any kind.

    - Marisa

  300. I would love to try your pineapple ginger smoothie!

    - Janice Fehr

  301. Orange, berry with a touch of rice milk is delicious!

    - kfloveinme

  302. A cherru smoothie might taste really good

    - Theresa J

  303. I would like to try a green smoothie.

    - Tammy

  304. Pineapple Mango smoothie

    - Wanda McHenry

  305. I would love to make a banana strawberry shake

    - amy pugmire

  306. What a fun giveaway! Hooray!

    - Andrea

  307. a veggie smoothie

    - Thomas Murphy

  308. I love frozen blueberry, plain yogurt, and honey

    - Rachel

  309. a veggie smoothie

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  310. pomegranate smoothie

    - Teresa

  311. I would love to make smoothies with frozen banana and frozen almond milk. Mm It would be like ice cream!!

    - Ellen

  312. raspberry banana smoothie

    - Elena

  313. I don’t know if there is such a thing but I would love to incorporate sweet potato into a smoothie.

    - Kristen M.

  314. I would make a healthy banana granola smoothie

    - Eunice

  315. mango orange pomegranate

    - Maureen

  316. I’d make a smoothie with spinach, kale, and fruits.

    - Annette

  317. I would make a veggie smoothie!!

    - Jeffrey

  318. The blentec is amazing! I would make coffee smoothies every morning! I live in AZ so I take my coffee cold!

    - Jennifer pellette

  319. I would love to make a green smoothie

    - Jill H

  320. I think a smoothie filled with fresh wild blueberries would be fantastic.

    - Craig

  321. I would love to make strawberry smoothies. Only a couple of months away from fresh strawberries here in North Carolina.

    - Judy

  322. i would love a coffee banana smoothie

    - katherine d

  323. I would like to make a green smoothie with kale and banana and berries.

    - Rachel J

  324. I think the peanut butter one sounds good!! I never would have thought of having ginger in smoothies- I know it seems obvious now! Hmm I can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

    - Jessica

  325. I would make a smoothie using tropical fruit.

    - Kim C.

  326. I got some fresh peaches that would be good in a smoothie

    - april taylor

  327. Raspberry-Vanilla Smoothie

    - Wanda McHenry

  328. Berry, strawberry, spinash smoothie

    - kfloveinme

  329. I’d love tomake pinapple smoothie.

    - Tian A.

  330. Always wanted to try a smoothie with avocado.

    - Karen Lynch

  331. Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Soy Milk and Acai juice

    - Jonathan

  332. I’m actually craving something lemon and mint based!

    - Elodie

  333. Strawberries, banana, yogurt, honey, and peanut butter!

    - Amanda S.

  334. I’d love to make my own berry smoothies.

    - Kristen M.

  335. vegan strawberry banana and kale

    - katherine d

  336. Orange mango sounds good

    - maureen

  337. I would make a peach smoothie

    - Thomas Murphy

  338. Smoothies that make a meal

    - Allison

  339. I’d like to make my favorite smoothie with it (banana, pear, kale, spinach, honey, and coconut milk).

    - Annette

  340. I would make peach and strawberry smothie

    - Elena

  341. avocado smoothie. :)

    - TC

  342. I think a vanilla yogurt smoothie with fresh ginger combined with either pear or peach would be killer.

    - Craig

  343. Mango Strawberry!

    - Aneesa

  344. I would make a veggie smoothie with spinach, carrots and a bit of fruit to really sweeten it up!

    - Jeffrey

  345. I want to make green smoothies.

    - Natalyn

  346. strawberry

    - valerie

  347. Green smoothie with kale, peaches, pineapple and banana.

    - Rachel J

  348. I would like to make a banana pear smoothie. :)

    - Jasan

  349. I would make banana, strawberry smoothie with rice milk & flaxseeds. YUM!

    - kfloveinme

  350. Found out I have obstructive sleep apnea and losing weight would help tremendously. Would love to win so I could incorporate healthy smoothies into my diet.

    - Tammy

  351. Papaya smoothie

    - Wanda McHenry

  352. A strawberry banana smoothie for sure!

    - Corey

  353. Strawberry Mango protein smoothie.

    - Karen Lynch

  354. I’d love to make a chocolate milk smoothie.

    - Tian A.

  355. I have been wanting a Blendtec so bad! What a great giveaway to have!

    - Kacee

  356. Berry granola

    - Allison

  357. I would make a strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry & kiwi smoothie :-)

    - Teela C

  358. Just saw a recipe for a Mango-Raspberry smoothie that would be the first one I’d try if I won the set!

    - Dorothea

  359. avocado blueberry banana!

    - Aneesa

  360. A yummy green smoothie!

    - Jill H

  361. a fruity one

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  362. carrot, orange and banana smoothie

    - Elena

  363. I would make a banana smoothie

    - Thomas Murphy

  364. A nice healthy green smoothie!

    - Priscilla

  365. I’d like to make a smoothie based on what’s in my garden. Right now that would be strawberries, swiss chard, and spinach.

    - Kristen M.

  366. Love smoothies….love the green smoothies…

    - Nan

  367. A healthy green smoothie for me!

    - Margaret M

  368. A peach yogurt smoothie!!!

    - Elodie

  369. I love green smoothies. Yum!

    - Allison

  370. Either Strawberry Banana or Orange Julius

    - Bree Courtney

  371. vegan kale, carrot, and banana smoothie!

    - katherine d

  372. The blender is unbelievable!!!!! Would love to give it a whirl!

    - Bernie B

  373. I’ve been dying to make smoothies lately!

    - Meg

  374. I’d make my favorite smoothie which is kale, spinach, pear, banana, honey, and coconut milk.

    - Annette

  375. Breakfast smoothie with pomegranates

    - Maureen

  376. I would make a veggie smoothie!

    - Jeffrey

  377. I always wanted to try adding green tea to a fruit smoothie

    - Amanda B

  378. How about a peanut butter banana smoothie? Elvis would have loved that one.

    - Craig

  379. I would make a horchata smoothie.

    - Kristen

  380. Banana and strawberry smoothie

    - Breanna

  381. I would make green smoothies!

    - Christine R.

  382. I’d love to make a mixed berry w/a banana smoothie

    - Wanda McHenry

  383. I love chocolate raspberry smoothies!

    - Jillian

  384. A GREEN smoothie!

    - Rachel J

  385. I love peanut butter banana smoothies.

    - Kim C.

  386. I would love love love! some coffee smoothies.. A Nice smooth frappe in the morning!!

    - Jessica

  387. I like Strawberry Banana

    - Theresa J

  388. I would make my favorite smoothies – strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, & kiwi with greek yogurt added in!!!

    - Teela C

  389. I would love to try a berry oat smoothie.

    - Karen Lynch

  390. a mango strawberry smoothie!

    - Amanda B

  391. Peanut butter with banana smoothie

    - Karen

  392. strawberry mango smoothie!

    - Naomi

  393. vegan pumpkin pie smoothie!

    - katherine d

  394. I would make a mixed berry with yogurt and orange juice!

    - Erin @ Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

  395. i would love to make a green smoothie.

    - michele

  396. I’ve always wanted to make a smoothie with a kale base, but my current blender isn’t strong enough (lots of chunks!). My current favorite smoothie is pb, almond milk, spinach, and cocoa powder.

    - Cee

  397. blueberry banana smoothie

    - Elena

  398. I make a smoothie every morning, and my old Kitchenaid blender is on it’s last leg…I would love this blender combo! :)

    - Janice Fehr

  399. A smoothie maker would be cool to own!

    - Craig

  400. I love making smoothies with spinach, kale, and fruits!

    - Julius Droolius

  401. Classic strawberry, no nonsense.

    - Aviva I

  402. Ooh- the Pineapple Ginger smoothy from your 10 favorites list sounds delicious!

    - Jen M.

  403. Something that tastes like the Carribean passion from Jamba juice.
    What a wonderful giveaway :)

    - Marlo

  404. Pineapple Mango Banana!!!

    - Aneesa

  405. I’d love to try making a Chai tea smoothie!

    - Krista

  406. i would love a mango/pineapple smoothie!

    - Elysa

  407. I’d love to make a raspberry orange smoothie right about now.

    - Kristin

  408. Chocolate, peanut butter, and banana smoothies! :) Or any fresh berry and banana smoothies. :) I’d just love to experiment really :)

    - Treva

  409. Banana all the way!!

    - Sini

  410. I want to make a green smoothie, using kale and spinach.

    - Annette

  411. I would make Strawberry banana smoothies

    - Thomas Murphy

  412. I would make a peach ginger smoothie!!

    - Jennifer pellette

  413. one with energy without strawberries.

    - Maureen

  414. white smoothie!

    - Ashley

  415. I’d make a green smoothie – yumm

    - Carrie

  416. Oh I’d love that blender!

    - Carrie

  417. I love protein smoothies with frozen banana, cocoa powder, and strawberries!

    - Madeleine

  418. an iced coffee would be amazing

    - Lo

  419. avocado banana smoothies are the best!

    - Laura

  420. I want to make the white smoothie… I might have to try it out tonight with my little blender!

    - Cassandra

  421. Strawberry banana smoothies are my favorite.

    - rusty *sarah* h

  422. I always tend to make a peanut butter banana smoothie, sometimes with chocolate. It’s so good!! But I need more recipes & new ideas :)

    - Melissa

  423. I’d make a blueberry banana smoothie!

    - Sarah | Curious Cuisiniere

  424. I’d make a veggie smoothie as an afternoon snack.

    - Jeffrey

  425. Peach and blueberries!

    - Bethany

  426. Oh my what a lovely giveaway!
    I would make mango and passion fruit smoothie with some coconut with my twin :)

    - Medina Ponjevic

  427. I would love to make everyone one o f my friends their favorite smoothies. A smoothie party!

    - Jasan

  428. I would make a berry and kale smoothie that my sis-in-law makes every morning.

    - AMY C

  429. I would love to make my daily lunch smoothies! Especially a chocolate one with cocoa nibs, organic cocoa powder, mylk, bananas, blueberries, agave, cardamum and maybe some vitamin powders.. ,3 <3 ,3 it!

    - Jasan

  430. Try lots of different things!!

    - Darby

  431. I love drinking berry smoothies and making them at home seems like a great idea. Thanks for the chance to win!

    - Marilyn

  432. OH My! What a wonderful giveaway. My favorite smoothie has frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, grapes, yogurts, a splash of oj, and arugula in it. Yes, arugula, it’s super good with a hint of spiciness. :)

    - Amy Tong

  433. Green spinach, bananas and peanut butter smoothies.

    - Karen Lynch

  434. I love chocolate, banana & peanut butter smoothies!

    - Sierra

  435. Love the jars!!

    - Kathy

  436. Blueberry and banana smoothie!

    - Wanda McHenry

  437. I would love to make Any fruit smoothie!! Yum!

    - Cynthia L.

  438. I have some frozen fruit that needs to go in a smoothie.

    - JD Peters

  439. I love kiwi smoothie too.

    - Tian A.

  440. I would love a blendtec!! I have a piggy bank full of coins that one day may turn into one.

    - Jess :)

  441. I am confused on how to enter this conest? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    - Meredith

  442. Mmmmmm . . . smoothies. Strawberry banana smoothie is my favorit.

    - rusty *sarah* h

  443. Berries berries berries! And mango. Yum.

    - Tammy

  444. I would make a mango smoothie

    - Thomas Murphy

  445. a kiwi mango shake

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  446. Banana smoothies!

    - Holdthegross

  447. Strawberry, blueberry, banana, yogurt… yummy!

    - Judy

  448. I love strawberry, banana and mango smoothies!

    - Maressa

  449. There was a Orange Julius recipe on Pinterest I really wanted to try

    - Amanda B

  450. Orange Julius

    - Bree Courtney

  451. I love my apple banana Biscoff smoothie!

    - Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet

  452. i want to try to make a green machine smoothie! :)

    - Hillary S.

  453. orange and carrot smoothie

    - Elena

  454. OH MY GOODNESS!! If I would win this I would be sooooooo happy!!
    I need one so badly, and this is one blender I would LOVE to have!!

    - Janice Fehr

  455. strawberry bananana

    - Jen

  456. I think I’d just like to try any kind of berry smoothie. Thanks for the chance to win!

    - Rory W

  457. I wld make a strawberry smoothie. Yum o

    - Emily K

  458. Mango smoothies make me weak in the knees!

    - Maureen

  459. Would love to have the blender. Great giveaway.

    - Emily K

  460. I would make a banana blueberry smoothie!

    - Amy

  461. Awesome giveaway!

    - Amy

  462. I’d like to make a green smoothie (kale, spinach) with some added fruit.

    - Annette

  463. Banana and berries!

    - Kaylan

  464. Mango or banana

    - Maureen

  465. I love banana/orange smoothies!

    - Sarah T.

  466. Fruit smoothies

    - Loredana

  467. Mango!

    - HD

  468. The classic strawberry & banana is my favorite!

    - Becky B

  469. Green juice :)

    - leah

  470. Banana smoothies!

    - Karen

  471. I heard about a new Vanilla peach one, now this I would LOVE to try!!!

    - Bobbie Jo Gardella

  472. I would love a Blendtec! I would make Fraps like I used to make in them when I worked at Starbucks in college, only made with real ingredients and not 10000 grams of sugar!

    - Kirra

  473. I would love to win this! Cherry, berry smoothies!

    - Melissa B in IL

  474. I would absolutely love to bring smoothies into my life! Also, I love everything there is to love about mason jars… ::swoon:: !!!

    - Ashley

  475. a strawberry banana shake
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

    - Louis

  476. I’d like to make a veggie smoothie first, a great afternoon snack!

    - Jeffrey

  477. Awesome giveaway, and so timely! I’ve eaten waaaaay too much heavy, sugary food this past month, so a green smoothie sounds wonderful right about now. I like making it with kale to get some greens into my kids.

    - Kim Leach

  478. Strawberry/raspberry smoothie!

    - Kristen

  479. I would make a spinach/peach/protein/almond milk… :)

    - Janice Fehr

  480. OH, my goodness!! I would LOVE this!! I make so many smoothies, and my old Kitchenaid appliance is not doing so well anymore!

    - Janice Fehr

  481. I love a green smoothie with spinach, almond milk, almond butter, and a banana!

    - MeLisa

  482. A fruit smoothie that hides some spinach or some kale!

    - Courtney Mac

  483. A blueberry mango smoothie

    - Blessie Nelson

  484. I would love to try an oatmeal smoothie!

    - Claire Baldwin

  485. I would love to try making a Green Monster Smoothie.

    - Kim C.

  486. I love peanut butter strawberry smoothies!

    - Amanda B

  487. I would love to make a strawberry + orange smoothie. Our blender has been broke for months and we desperately need a new one!

    - Macey W

  488. This would be a great help with the hubby & I entering back into our nutrition & exercise program. Especially since he said that the last time he fired up out blender it was “making strange noises”. I think it would also be grand to sneak some more veggies for the kiddos into the soup. :)

    - K

  489. Love green monster smoothies, would lives a new blender and singe new recipes!

    - Melissa B in IL

  490. Strawberry banana is one of my favorite smoothies, but I would like to try a green smoothie.

    - Jill H

  491. my go-to smoothies involve bananas, berries, pom juice and spinach!

    - Priscilla P

  492. Strawberry banana smoothie to begin with. But there are many others.

    - Rusty *Sarah* H

  493. Great combo of good ways to eat well in the new year :)

    - Ekanem

  494. I’d love to make Strawberry smoothie, thank you.

    - Tian A.

  495. this would be especially helpful for my new year’s resolution!

    - Emily

  496. I would love to make a green smoothie! Or try something completely new to me!

    - Stephanie

  497. green smoothies!

    - Genell P

  498. Awesome giveaway! I love morning smoothies and my absolute favourite is raspberries/banana/almond milk/spinach/vanilla greek yogurt!

    - Natalie

  499. I would love to make a green machine smoothie.

    - Dottie Beaver

  500. A good berry smoothie

    - Chelsea O.

  501. I love strawberry smoothies!!

    - Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe )

  502. my favorite smoothie is strawberry/banana.

    - abby

  503. Mango smoothie would be perfect

    - Theresa J

  504. i would like too make my green smoothies. and wight-loss smoothies.

    - beth

  505. I would make green smoothies to increase my nutrition

    - Allison

  506. I’d start off with a milkshake, honestly! Ha! But with the new year being here, I suppose a smoothie would be a better choice!

    - Rachel Budke

  507. I’m looking for a better blender for smoothies and the Blendtec blender would be perfect!

    - Kellee

  508. I would make so many smoothies! I started losing weight last year due to yoga and becoming employed at my local smoothie bar, but I want to make smoothies at home. This is my IDEAL blender! My first smoothie would be a yummy pear, ginger, apple juice, cinnomon smoothie. this would be totally amazing to win!

    - Jasan

  509. Can’t wait to make some greek yougurt smoothies with this!

    - Natasha Stanislas

  510. What a great giveaway! My husband and I registered for a blendtec when we got married, but never got one! I’d love to make some green smoothies!!

    - Jamie Lee

  511. I would make all sorts of smoothies! One of my current favorites is an easy banana and kale (or banana and spinach) smoothie with just a touch of strawberry. Yum!

    - Bobbie {the vegan crew}

  512. Yum. I would make every smoothie imaginable.

    - Tammy

  513. What a great giveaway! An Orange Julius would be my first smoothie.

    - Candace

  514. We’ve been making smoothies every day for the past 7 years. We make yogurt and fruit smoothies.

    - Donna O'Neil

  515. apple and spinach smoothie

    - Elena

  516. Orange strawberry banana!

    - Kara

  517. I’ve loved smoothies lately, and those mason jars are too cute!

    - Brittany S.

  518. I love green smoothies with spinach, PB, and banana!

    - Katie

  519. Love to make a raspberry smoothie, my fb is Michelle Trump and my email is

    - Tracie Trump

  520. This is awesome! I would LOVE to own one! My favorite smoothie recipe is banana, pineapple, strawberry!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    - Bobbie Jo Gardella

  521. I would love to make a strawberry smoothie!

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  522. I love smoothies because you can pretty much just add whatever is available and it will taste yummmy, but I’d probably go with something berry-ish.

    - SaraC

  523. I’d make a blackberry banana smoothie

    - Jan

  524. I’m really trying to get healthy and lower my blood pressure by eating clean. I can’t afford a better smoothie maker and this would be an awesome addition to help me reach my goal!! Thanks for doing this!!

    - Peggy DellOrfano

  525. Amazing giveaway!

    - Jan

  526. Awesome giveaway

    - Kimi

  527. I love anything with pineapple!

    - Jennica Bridgman

  528. I’d love to make some green smoothies!

    - Jhanelle

  529. I would start with a strawberry banana smoothie!

    - leeann

  530. A yogurt fruit smoothie. They’re my favorite!

    - Rachel

  531. I would start with some veggie smoothies!

    - Jeffrey

  532. I would like to make a Mocha smoothie

    - Tanya Riley

  533. some kind of mango smoothie! Im obsessed right now!

    - Alaina

  534. I would love to make a tropical smoothie with mango!!

    - Hillarey Tulip

  535. I love to make smoothies that include raspberries, pineapple, greek yogurt, and a little spinach. Yum!

    - Jess W.Y.

  536. What a way to start a healthy new year!!

    - Hillarey Tulip

  537. I’d make a spinach-blueberry smoothie!

    - Janice

  538. Great giveaway! I’ve been dying for a new blender and this would be the cat’s pajamas!

    - Miss @ Miss in the Kitchen

  539. If smoothie is in the name of it I’ll make it. I. love. smoothies!

    - Shannon

  540. I’m getting really good at energy-type smoothies. Would love to upgrade from my single-serving size blender. Thanks for the giveaway!

    - Lisa

  541. A strawberry protein smoothie!

    - Heather Hicks

  542. I love peach smoothies, so I would definitely make something with peaches!

    - Bethany

  543. What sort of smoothie would I love to make? All the smoothies! Okay, or maybe just all the smoothies that don’t have mango in them – I’m allergic. =P

    - Evalyn W

  544. I’d use this to make my Shakeology! I need one that blends ice better – I like my shakes thick!

    - LeAnn Allred

  545. Strawberry — this is one item I really need!!!

    - Kel

  546. One with pomegranate without strawberries (as I am allergic).

    - Maureen

  547. Anything with strawberries. My daughter loves mango smoothies.

    - Teresa R.

  548. Pineapple banana smoothie

    - Catherine

  549. I would make my favorite chocolate banana peanut butter smoothy!

    - Keri Dougless

  550. I’d love to make a tropical smoothie

    - Corie

  551. I love spinach, blueberries and yogurt!

    - Lorrie

  552. Raspberry and yogurt smoothies.

    - Lia Simpson

  553. I like a mixture of mango, pineapple, blueberries, yogurt and oj.

    - Dawn

  554. My Favorite protein smoothie! Mango + banana + vanilla protein + soy milk!

    - Chelsea

  555. I’d either make my favorite green smoothie or try making juices!

    - Kayla

  556. Great giveaway. Would love to win!

    - Chanel

  557. I would make a banana almond smoothie!

    - Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

  558. I’ve been trying to find good smoothie recipes that use soy milk,

    - Molly

  559. I would make a green smoothie.

    - Eligonma

  560. I’d make an apple pie smoothie :)

    - Angela

  561. I’m going to try some green smoothies in 2013 :)

    - Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

  562. I make spinach, banana, blueberry and mango smoothies for my sons (who are 2 and 1) and they LOVE them!

    - Kaely

  563. PB banana oatmeal smoothies!

    - Leah

  564. Strawberry kiwi smoothie! Delicious!

    - Erin

  565. Pineapple, spinach and banana yesterday, today and tomorrow!

    - Margherita

  566. We are a smoothie-loving house, and our go-to smoothie is mixed berries. With banana for some, without for others.

    - tammigirl

  567. All my favorites have been mentioned already…strawberry-banana made with yogurt and a little bit of kale.

    - Monica

  568. Strawberry Banana! Yum!

    - Bree Courtney

  569. I’d like to make a smoothie with lots of kale and spinach, plus lots of fruits to hide the “green” taste.

    - Annette

  570. I would make your peanut butter and banana smoothie! Yum!!

    - Stefanie

  571. Smoothies with raspberries and blueberries are my favorites!

    - Renee F

  572. I love banana, soy milk and wheat germ smoothies

    - Karen k

  573. I LOVE smoothies! I would make a pineapple smoothie!!! ♥

    - Amber

  574. I would definately try the kiwi strawberry smoothies to begin with and then go on to try tropical smoothies:-)

    - Lizeth

  575. Ah!! My blender broke earlier this summer, and I’ve been missing my green smoothies! Spinach with yogurt (Noosa Honey), almond milk, peanut butter, and frozen bananas!! My favorite!

    - Kayla

  576. I would love to make a strawberry, blackberry, banana smoothie. Yum!

    - Jill

  577. I would make strawberry banana smoothie

    - Elena

  578. I make a frozen berry, yogurt smoothie that is delicious!

    - Debi H.

  579. A veggie smoothie and a strawberry banana smoothie would be first on the list to make.

    - MaryB

  580. I would definitely make a strawberry smoothie!

    - Chelsea

  581. I would make a banana & strawberry smoothie.

    - Kelly D

  582. I would love to make any sort of smoothie with mango in it! Anything tropical, really!

    - Cady

  583. A piña colada, virgin;)

    - June g.

  584. can’t wait to start juicing yum

    - Kimmi

  585. I really think that you need a high-end blender to make really great green smoothies! That’s what I would do with mine first!

    - Lauren

  586. What a fun gift set! I’d love a fruity smoothie!

    - Wendy Peatross

  587. I love green smoothies with spinach and bananas and sometimes peanut butter

    - Evelyn R

  588. I love all smoothies! In smoothies I like to add fresh fruit, spinach, kale, Greek yogurt, egg and protein!! It’s a perfect breakfast on my way out the door!! :-)

    - Kristen Kep

  589. I’d like to make a veggie smoothie first!

    - Jeffrey

  590. All kinds. I would go nuts with this blender!

    - Tammy

  591. I would like to make breakfast and healthy related smoothies.

    - Kim C.

  592. spinach apple and berries

    - ladywild

  593. I would like to try out some of those green smoothies I’ve been seeing around the internets. Maybe I’ll eat more vegetables that way!

    - Anna (sixtyfourcolorbox)

  594. I love berry smoothies, strawberries and blueberries especially.

    - Andrea

  595. I would make my fav – a green smoothie :)

    - Carolyn

  596. I’d make some peanut butter banana smoothies!

    - Jenny

  597. I’ve recently started making “green” smoothies for myself and my kids, and we all love them! I’d love to win this so that I could start using some harder to blend items (like carrots)!

    - Helen

  598. I would make berry yogurt protein smoothies for breakfast!

    - Theresa

  599. I love berry smoothies with yogurt added to it!

    - Chio

  600. Mango – always a fave!

    - Kathleen

  601. I love berry smoothies with some spinach or kale for extra nutrition!

    - Kristin