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Training for the 3-Day (60 mile) Walk for Breast Cancer!

That’s right! I’m excited to announce that this first giveaway of the year is actually sponsored by Reebok, who has actually just released a sweet new line of EasyTone shoes and apparel (check it here), and are encouraging everyone to share their own ideas for making ’11 a healthier new year. I admit that I’ve never been great with New Year’s resolutions (case in point — hoped last year to learn to crochet/knit, but all I have to show for it is half of a potholder!! :S), but I do have a few hopes of my own for this year…

My main goal is to get a little more disciplined with strength training. As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of walking (partly because of the health benefits, partly because I find it a natural and therapeutic form of exercise, and partly because I’ve now recruited a bunch of friends to be walking buddies) — usually log at least 3-4 miles/day.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty inconsistent with anything beyond that. But I know that strength training is the key to just about everything, and my personal trainer friends tell me that even 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference. So, ahem – hear me now. My hope for the year is 5 minutes less a day staring at a computer, and at least 5 simple minutes getting stronger. Whoo! :)

What about you? What area of health and wellness is your focus area for this year? Is it some sort of physical exercise? Healthier eating habits? Seeking a little less stress and mental wellness?

Share your thoughts below and enter to win this giveaway!

$100 Visa Giftcard Giveaway

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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected. The Official Rules are available here.

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  1. tweet!/eswright18/status/23155198285320192

  2. I will not be lazy and miss my aerobic class. My teacher is awesome!!!! She is over 65, but has the body of a 18 year-old person. And she push us, both in the aerobic and the rest of the body (very low weight, or just your own body weight).

  3. I plan on exercising at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week and losing at least 40 lbs this year. I would like to be in decent shape by the time I get to be 40 years old. I plan on exercising at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week and losing at least 40 lbs this year. I would like to be in decent shape by the time I get to be 40 years old.

  4. I tweeted!/rsmstahley/status/23161041160511488

  5. I am really really trying to drink more water. As simple as it sounds I just never drink enough ! Shame on me…but sometimes it is 4 pm and I realize I’ve only had coffee alllll day :(

  6. Tweeted about the giveaway !

  7. I ate alot of cookies and sweets around the holidays so I’m cutting out “most” of the junk (hey I’m only human lol) and I’m back to the gym 4 days a week doing cardio and weights.

  8. I do want to walk more…it’s the only exercise I enjoy!

  9. I plan to eat healthier foods and walk more.

  10. Last year was very stressful so I am looking forward to getting back into my fitness routine and reconnecting with my husband


  12. exercise daily

  13. I am taking walks every day with my dog KC and drinking more water and eating
    more fresh fruit and veggies every day

  14. tweet entry 1!/sodahoney/status/23226939925864448

  15. Blog entry 2

  16. i’m going to stop drinking caffeine!


  18. I’m trying to cook with more organic food. I’ve also pushed myself in my workouts more.

  19. tweet entry!/rasdwadree/status/23238054688858112

  20. I’d like to start walking at least 3 miles, 4 times a week.

  21. Physically, I want to lose 30 lbs by June. snowshoeing, riding my bike. Mentally, I want spiritual growth. Reading the entire Bible this year is my goal

  22. A cable on my weight machine broke a couple of months ago and we haven’t fixed it yet. I plan to make 2011 a healthier year by getting it fixed and using it–at least three times a week! And I will continue my walking regimen–four miles a day, every day but Sunday. Thanks!

  23. I plan on working out more and eating better this year and making time to do it

  24. Tweeted here @jyork230

  25. I plan to exercise at least four times a week this year. I want to do yoga, strength training, and some type of aerobic exercise. I want to eat better too, but I’m going to focus on exercising first!

  26. tweeted

  27. I plan to add an additional mile to my walking routine.

  28. I plan on walking more and drinking more water.

  29. Tweet!!/EverydayVibrant/status/23400136319176704

  30. I plan on exercising more – at home and going to the gym!

  31. I plan on continuing my regular exercising (walking 5 times a week) and cutting back on the caffeine. Not giving it up, just cutting back a little so I won’t feel so sluggish when it wears off!

  32. I lost 10 lbs last year, but fell off my fitness regimen due to a chronic sinusitis I have been battling since August. I have a little longer on the antibiotics, but once I finish my goal this year is to re-implement that regimen and lose another 50lbs.

  33. Get more exercise, of course! Reebok has always been the best choice for my difficult to fit feet!

  34. I sooo, need to check out those shoes. Reebok’s are seriously the only shoe that truly fits me for walking. Me too, on the strength training!

    Good Luck to both of us!

  35. I have decided to be the best me I can be in all phases of my life, to do what is best for e and those I love , a major part of that is taking better care of me, who I tend to neglect

  36. I tweeted!/eyzofblu63/status/23441855538528257

  37. Tweeted about the giveaway!!/rickeywrudy/status/23440585515864064

  38. I will not miss my shoulder exercises so it does not hurt anymore.

  39. I do really well with the cardio, but I would like to add some weight training. My bigger goal for this year is to try and cut out as much processed food as possible.

  40. I’m focusing on being more relaxed and less stressed by doing daily deep breathing and relaxation exercises. When I feel relaxed and balanced, I do a much better job of staying on track with all my goals, both health and otherwise. No more sweatin’ the small stuff!

    dogsrock at insightbb dot com

  41. I’ll be cutting way back on sugar and walking more.

  42. Tweeted.!/Jayne_Martin/status/23501421651427328

  43. I am cutting out carbs in the afternoon/evening (aiming for 5 days a week…).

  44. I want to eat less high calorie junk foods

  45. tweet

  46. Well, my goal for this year is to eat healthier and to do a lot more walking. I found some great recipes for healthy meals and and can’t wait to try them. I also want to get up early every morning and take my dog for a walk. I was really go for a while then just fell off track, but it made me feel so good to do that. I also have two biggest loser workouts and the wii fit that I want to work on too. I only need to drop about 20 pounds so I know I can do this!!!!

  47. I am going to drink more water and less Pepsi!

  48. I plan to work out more! :)

  49. I was diagnosed with diabetes Type 2. I am overweight and out of shape. This year, I plan on losing 40 pounds and get in better shape. Not just for my diabetes but for my kids. They want their Dad around for a long time :)

  50. I’m going to buy myself a bicycle! And what’s more, I’m going to ride it! ;)