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Training for the 3-Day (60 mile) Walk for Breast Cancer!

That’s right! I’m excited to announce that this first giveaway of the year is actually sponsored by Reebok, who has actually just released a sweet new line of EasyTone shoes and apparel (check it here), and are encouraging everyone to share their own ideas for making ’11 a healthier new year. I admit that I’ve never been great with New Year’s resolutions (case in point — hoped last year to learn to crochet/knit, but all I have to show for it is half of a potholder!! :S), but I do have a few hopes of my own for this year…

My main goal is to get a little more disciplined with strength training. As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of walking (partly because of the health benefits, partly because I find it a natural and therapeutic form of exercise, and partly because I’ve now recruited a bunch of friends to be walking buddies) — usually log at least 3-4 miles/day.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty inconsistent with anything beyond that. But I know that strength training is the key to just about everything, and my personal trainer friends tell me that even 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference. So, ahem – hear me now. My hope for the year is 5 minutes less a day staring at a computer, and at least 5 simple minutes getting stronger. Whoo! :)

What about you? What area of health and wellness is your focus area for this year? Is it some sort of physical exercise? Healthier eating habits? Seeking a little less stress and mental wellness?

Share your thoughts below and enter to win this giveaway!

$100 Visa Giftcard Giveaway

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477 comments on “$100 visa giftcard giveaway”

  1. I’m trying to walk 3 miles a day at least 5 times a week.

  2. I plan on finding a good mix of cardio and strength training!

  3. My wife and I have vowed to make 2011 a “cleaner” year in more than one way– in our choices of what to eat, in our finances, the cleanliness of our house and our bodies. We’re ACTUALLY going to start exercising!

  4. We’re going to do the Couch to 5k program. :)

  5. My goal is to eat a green vegetable every day!

  6. currently fighting cancer and recently out of treatment and isolation so mine to to find health and balance again (reactivate my gym membership)

    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  7. I am working at eating healthier. Adding more fruit/veggies and fiber to be specific.

  8. For medical reasons I’m limited on what exercise I can do, but I’ve let that stop me from pretty much ANY exercise! I need something mild but consistent. I live on the beach, so I’m starting with walking 3 times a week. Not setting a time or distance goal yet – I’ll just walk as far/long as feels good, and hopefully build up some strength and stamina, then mid year I can re-evaluate my goals :)
    In case of rain I have a walky exercise device (don’t know what it’s called as I got it used) that I’ll do 15 minutes on.

  9. I lost too much weight while on chemo and radiation, so I need to pack on some pounds this year while still eating healthy. I started a simple food journal to keep track of what I eat

  10. I plan to work out more and drink more water!

  11. I hope to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, eat lots of healthy food and protein, and gain weight so I can finally resolve my low blood pressure, head rushes, and upper body weakness!

  12. I am going to try Zumba this year and eat healthier.

  13. Tweeted:!/rhoneygee/status/22918476129636352

  14. I’m gonna start eating better and EXERCISE for God’s sakes!!!
    – Daddy Rich
    Happy New Year!

  15. My area of improvement would start with mental health which would REALLY help me improve my physical self. Have been physically limited for so many years and the past two have allowed the fear and disappointment and lack of control to drive my life. THIS year, I plan to remove the word CAN’T from my vocabulary, stop comparing me to the person I used to be and be happy with and LOVE the person I am. Too much I stop myself from social activity, physical exercise, learning experiences because of my limits. This year I plan to stop this way of thinking that if I “CANT do it all out, I dont do it at ALL. No more excuses…being is not enough…I have to start DOING!

  16. I tweeted this also!

    thank you!

  17. I am changing up my fitness routine, focusing more on circuit training.

  18. I’m focusing on cardio health.

  19. I am working on eating healthier this year and drinking lots more water.

  20. Tweeted!/chipdip2010/status/22995696223260672

  21. I plan to get back on the workout train and not fall of! Pilates, step, weights, bring it on:)


  23. I am adding lifting weights to my current routine that is just cardio right now. Am searching for a dance class to attend also.

  24. i need to eat healthier..more fruits and veg
    nannypanpan at

  25. I’m going to FLOSS more this year, and eat less meat.

  26. I’m getting married in 2011 – so there’s no better time to start getting healthy! I’m starting the year off with a commitment to eating “better” – more natural and fresh (e.g. almond milk in my coffee instead of creamer!) – drinking more water, and taking my vitamins!

  27. I plan to increase the amount of time I walk each day


  28. My goal is to eat a little healthier this year and attempt to cut out the snacks.
    Dove056 at aol dot com

  29. Tweet –!/Dove056/status/23052517302599680
    Dove056 at aol dot com

  30. i plan to walk my dog longer, and start running again

  31. I lost weight last year so this year my focus is to keep it off my exercising more and just toning my body.

  32. I AM NOT KIDDING! I plan to really get off my butt and move it!
    I’m tired of not fitting into my jeans!
    I want my jelly belly gone! So, I’m getting busy!

  33. I Love to cook and “Love” this new found website…….so many different, delish recipes. Got some new ideas for an upcoming baby shower, bridal shower and BUNCO.
    I bought Dance2 for my Wii and my husband(both in or 50’s) are dancing our hearts out. We are dancing til we not only glisten…..we are glowing. We both want to shed some weight(my love for cooking and his love for eating make this tough). We are dancing an hour an evening and trying to to eat light. Happy, Healthy New Year

  34. I did a fantastic job changing to healthy eating and consistent exercise last year. This year, I’m going to up the intensity and length of my workouts so I can reach my weight loss goal by the summer! Just 2 more sizes to go!

  35. I’m training for a half marathon in the summer and joining Team in Training for a full marathon in the fall.

  36. I recently joined a fitness program sponsored by my employer. It’s really helpful to motivate me in keeping up my exercise regimen, which will make 2011 a healthier year for me.

  37. My plans are to eat healthier, I just grab a snack when I am hungry instead of going and making a meal. I want to get back into exercising too.

  38. This would be such a blessing to win – I’m on unpaid maternity leave and could SO use the extra help!! My goal is to exercise more and eat and feed my family more healthy options – for myself, but also for my children!! I want to be around with them for a LONG time!! :)

  39. Tweet Tweet!!/ChampagneWisdom/status/23118484229595137

  40. My focus is on getting in more physical activity every day. My sister and I decided to start training for a 10(k) in July, so $100 to put toward running shoes would be awesome!

  41. I am trying to eat healthier foods more fruits and veggies

  42. tweet

  43. I am trying to make my eating habits healthier, more fresh food, I did well with it last year but I’ve got a long way to go

  44.!/rewcath/status/23120883589578752 tweeted

  45. i want to be consistent with my exercise. i have a treadmill and I use it when I watch any prime time tv shows. so any nights with good tv i am getting my exercise in!

  46. I joined a fitness center and so far I have gone 5 days.

  47. Our local Y opens later this month so we will start going there since we are members. We haven’t been able to go to the next closest one because we couldn’t afford the gas. I also want my family to eat better. My girls aren’t veggie eaters but I want to try to work them into our meals some way. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. I want to start incorporating Weight Watchers and exercise into my daily routine.

  49. Blogged:

  50. I’m trying to get healthy after having my gallbladder out. I got terribly underweight while going through tests and I’m trying to gain some back.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com