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Ali Martin from Gimme Some Oven

Hey! I’m Ali, and I am so happy that you found your way here to Gimme Some Oven.

I created this little corner of the internet to celebrate life around the table and the good food that bring us all together. Here in our house, we gravitate towards recipes that are quick, easy, seasonal, (mostly) healthy, and big on flavor. So whether that’s whipping up a quick stir-fry or batch of cozy wild rice soup in the wintertime, blending up some refreshing gazpacho with sangria in the summertime, making our millionth batch of tacos and margs on Tuesdays, or baking up a warm batch of cinnamon rolls and eggs benny for sunny weekend brunches — my heart is never more happy than when my table is filled with good food and good people gathered ’round.

If that sounds like your style too, you’ve got a kindred spirit right here. ♡

A bit about me.

When I began this blog back in 2009, I was working as a full-time musician by day and cooking up a storm by night. Now, I have the privilege of doing all of the recipe-developing and writing for this site as my full-time job. And more than a decade into blogging, I can honestly say that I still absolutely love it. Seeing the recipes that I create here in my tiny kitchen show up on your tables around the world makes my heart deeply so happy, and I work hard to be sure that this site continues to be a trustworthy resource for you to turn to.

Beyond the blog, I’m a born-and-raised Kansas girl who’s currently living the expat life for awhile in Barcelona, Spain. We try to make the most of those crazy-cheap RyanAir tickets and travel on the weekends around Europe as much as possible. But when we’re home, you can find us soaking up sunny terraces with friends, taking the pups for long walks along the shore, enjoying endless tapas and glasses of vermut, and just enjoying our cozy little apartment here in the city center.

To follow more along with life and reflections behind-the scenes, feel free to follow my personal Instagram account. And for anyone interested, I also share there about our infertility and IVF journey too.

A bit about my food philosophy.

So what kinds of recipes will you see here on Gimme Some Oven?

Short answer: a little bit of everything.

The food that I share on the blog is the food that we eat here in our home. And as an omnivore married to a vegetarian, the majority of the meals in our house are now plant-based. (So some of you long-time readers may notice that meat dishes have become less common on here.)  One of the things I also love about living in Barcelona is that the markets here are strictly seasonal — as in, you couldn’t find fresh watermelon or tomatillos here in December if you tried — which has been great extra motivation to cook with seasonal produce as much as possible.

The majority of our meals during the weekdays fall in the 30-minutes-or-less category. But I also love cozying up with a hot cup of coffee or a glass of wine on the weekends and diving into recipes that require a bit more time, like our favorite Swedish cinnamon buns or Spanish paellas or DIY maki rolls for “Sushi Sundays.” You may notice that we also have a major weakness for Mexican food, noodles of all kinds, soups and various kinds of cookies around here. And while most of my recipes are on the healthier side, I definitely also enjoy indulging in some indulgent sweets and comfort foods on occasion.

So as always, please always feel free to take whatever recipes you love on here and leave the rest. And if you ever have specific recipe requests, don’t hesitate to let me know because I love to cook what you’re craving!

Thank you.

More than anything, I just want to say thank you so much for being here, and I hope that this site can play some small part in making your days a little brighter and tastier. Cheers, everyone. ♡


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657 comments on “About Ali”

  1. Okay, it’s official, you are my favorite go-to site for recipes! (It pains me to tell Ina that she’s now #2). I can’t tell you how many of your recipes I’ve made and I’ve never had one I didn’t like! I just made your slow cooker black bean soup and dinner rolls as part of my dinner, very good! I hate conventional salads and you have so many really, really good ones! (Sorry, my extended family now calls asks me to make MY Ramen noodle salad!) I have referred quite a few friends to your site for great, fresh recipes. So keep doing what you’re doing, it makes the rest of us look good!

    Thank you,

    Debbie Hannigan

  2. Hello, I just tried you “best ever” enchiladas and made your enchilada sauce from scratch as well..OMG you were not kidding, I don’t think I have had better at an actual Mexican restaurant..So impressed. I never have liked the store bought enchilada sauce but this one was amazing…I look forward to trying more of your recipes for sure !!

    • Thanks for sharing, Margie — we’re so happy you enjoyed both the recipes! :D

  3. Thank you for sharing how your man makes every occasion is a date. I lost my husband 3 years ago this coming April 2nd, we had date night every week, I think about it now when I am sitting alone, how I miss those dates after 43 1/2 years of marriage. I really appreciate your sharing of this information, it made Friday night a little more bearable knowing you were having a date today or tomorrow.

  4. Thank you so much Ali for your beautiful and captivating website. The pictures are so startling that I read recipes that I normally would not even look at, such as “Instant Pot Crispy Carnitas”. I was lured onto your website by a picture of you Overnight Cinnamon Rolls recipe and I am hooked. The beautiful vibrant colors have made me make a pledge to myself. I am making a list of vegetables I want to start using again and I PROMISED myself that on my next shopping trip I am going to shop first for veggies and then add in healthy meats. I will also add some new spices and herbs. My husband Chris and I had been eating much more healthy lately until we had a recent setback. Chris fell on December 22 and broke his ankle horribly and lay in the flour for 4 hours until I returned home. He had mistakenly left his phone in his jacket pocket hanging on the back of a chair in our kitchen and he could not reach it. Long story short, there have been multiple hospital stays, surgery redone, wound therapy, numerous doctor visits that have brought our lives to a halt since his fall. We are now still facing 2 more months of hopefully improved healing. Friends and family have been providing meals but,the great part is both our appetites are picking back up and your beautiful website has made me long to “cook with thought again”. I promise my next email will not be so long, but if I may I would like to let you know how it goes when I try some of your recipes. The first will be your “Chicken Bacon and Avocado Salad”. I am saving the Cinnamon Rolls for a Thank you brunch I plan to have for friends at a later date. THANKS FOR YOUR INSPIRATION! Belinda

  5. I just made your 30 minute beef stroganoff. It was wonderful! Thank you!

  6. Hello Ali

    I am a mother of four older children. Only 2 teenager boys at home now. My New Year’s resolution was to start making at least one new recipe a month. I found your web site and it has been amazing!
    I snap chat with my kids. One morning before going to work I snapped the story preparing your slow cooker chicken enchilada soup. It was easy to make and made a fun snap story. My boys LOVED it!!!
    My daughter in college called and said, mom I need that recipe. I want to have friends over and it looked easy to do. She made it and her friends loved it so much they made it again the next day.
    Keep up the good recipes! Mary from Bismarck ND

  7. Wow, my class thinks your recipes are the bomb! Thanks Alli!

  8. Looking forward to exploring this gorgeous site. Great design. If the food is as good as it looks….yum!

    • Thanks for your sweet words, Randy, we hope you can try some of the recipes soon! :)

  9. Hi Ali,
    I’d like to try the non-bake energy bites but I need more protein in them.
    I think people often add protein powder, usually vanilla; can you suggest how much protein powder should be added, please?

    • Hi Tim! You could add some protein powder to these, and we would just suggest one scoop. You may need to add a bit more liquid to the mixture though (a little more peanut butter and/or water, just to achieve the right consistency). We hope this helps and that you enjoy them!

  10. Congratulations! I recognize the Union Station in your photo! Mary in Kansas City

  11. Hi, Ali,
    Congrats on the recent nuptials! As a fellow (and now former) Kansas City girl, I’m really enjoying your references to all that KC has to offer (and recognize all most of all of them). I’m back on the East coast now, but sure do miss KC. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and all your recipes. Your my “go to” website that I visit on most days, especially when I’m needing a new idea for dinner!
    Thanks again, Ali! Enjoy the belated honeymoon!

  12. I have lived in Kansas City my whole life. Go Chiefs and Royals. Love your recipes!

  13. Thank-you Ali for great recipes and helpful tips.
    Congratulations to both on your wedding.
    God Bless

  14. I’ve made tons of your recipes for several years and just realized you’re also in KC! I knew there was a reason I kept coming back to your site! Ha!

    • Thank you for your sweet words, Daphne! We’re so glad you enjoy the blog! :)

  15. Have made this dish twice and absolutely love it….have never brined b/4 but will do so from now on…thanks for great easy fun recipes…always enjoy getting e-mail from your site

    • Thank you for sharing, Pauline — we’re so glad you enjoyed the chicken!

  16. I love your recipes! I have severe food allergies, which makes it difficult to find recipes that are gluten free, soy free and vegan. Is there a way to be able to add a “Allergy friendly” category to your search options?
    Or, do you have any recommendations for me?

    • Hi Lisa! We do have sections for GF, vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free recipes in our index. Hope that helps! :)

    • I’m only able to chose one of the options, not search for recipes that are all three.
      I will try from my desktop computer to see if it will allow me to click on more than one option at a time. Thanks

  17. Ali, as a lover of Tequila and especially Margaritas, I cannot believe my luck in finding your site.

    You have some amazing recipes and I will try and then tweak them to perfection.

    Fortunately I live in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada and blessed with access to fresh-off-the-tree fruit all summer long



  18. Wow your cauliflower soup is the best Ive ever had!! Im making a double match today because the last batch went too fast!!

  19. Ali! Love the blog. Can’t wait to cook together in Barcelona! Danny’s NY Mama! BJ Adler

  20. Just discovered this site. Tried the Slow Cooker Potato Soup and it was awesome. My husband gave
    it a 10 which is the highest rating. I’ll be frequenting this often.

  21. Omg! I just stumbled upon this beautifully constructed site! So much inspiration. Beautiful!!!!

  22. Wow, sounds incredible Ali. I am a single female discovering how important healthy and FUN eating is! I am not a techie at all (don’t even own a Smart phone; no T.V. for over 10 years through choice – I can download anything on my laptop, right?!!), but really enjoy reading about interesting topics online, and love your great recipes! I am leery of subscribing to most things online as I really guard my privacy, loathe fake people and excessive promoting, have a limited income and actually often times prefer to read real BOOKS!. But you strike me as a real person, who truly walks your talk so I shall subscribe! Eek! thanks for your great blog:)

  23. Hey Ali!
    My name is Cyndi and I’m a native Arizonan. I guess they call us Zoni’s? :) Anyway, my wonderful husband and I live in Fountain Hills and I’ve been using your recipes for about 2 years now so I figured it was high time I introduce myself.
    I love everything about you and your life and your new husband and your dogs! We have 2 dogs…Annie (our golden retriever) and Drama, yes you heard right…Drama (our female rescue border collie mix). Trust me, the name fits the dog, ha! And I LOVE that you guys took a leap of faith and moved to Barcelona.
    I’m half Spanish, half English. My mom’s family came from Madrid, Spain and my dad’s from Cornwall, England. Nice mix.
    Anyway, you are simply ADORABLE & BEAUTIFUL and I always look forward to your recipes.

  24. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes! They look great!!!

  25. Mmm! Recipes look fantastic!

  26. Thank you for providing this blog. It is my first time visiting and the recipe you provided for baked chicken was great. Although I am over 50, after many years of eating out or fast food, I want to learn to be a good cook. This was a very nice place to start.

  27. Hello! I have followed your site for a while and made several of your yummy recipes. I recently signed up for your newsletter and loved seeing the highlights of your trip to Madrid and that you’re living now in Barcelona. I am an American living in nearby Luxembourg with my family, going on 2 years now. I LOVE living in Europe, but definitely agree, there is a lot to learn and understand – culturally, politically and bureacratically. :)

    I’m a dietitian and mom, and love cooking. Keep those amazing recipes coming. And if you ever want to visit Luxembourg, let me know. I’d be happy to show you around!


  28. I am looking forward to trying some of you recipes!!

  29. Hi ali,
    Love the blog and all things cera de espana! I’m trying to find your recs for Barcelona and can’t find them on your blog. What’s a good hotel or ABnB in Barcelona.We’ll be there for about 5-days and are fairly good travelers Trying to avoid the ramblas area and something near public transportation. Also, are the beaches good? worth packing a bathing suit for late May?
    I also live in the midwest and frequent KCTY.
    PS …and the list of favorite restaurants in Barcelona….? Can’t wait to read it.

  30. Hi Ali,
    I just happened to stumble on your site, and I’m so happy I found you!
    I just love all of your recipes, I was just searching for some great vegan recipes, and I’ve found so much more!!
    Some of your recipes look so easy to make , and I don’t need to go out and buy special ingredients like some sites I’ve been on!!
    Thank you so much,, I’ll definitely be a regular on your site!!

  31. New to the site but everything looks so good. I love the Pumpkin Roll!!!!!!!!

  32. Hi Ali,
    I’ve followed your blog for a couple years now and I absolutely love it. I’m reaching out to you because I’m meeting my sis-in-law in Kansas City in March for a girl’s weekend and I wanted to know what things are MUST SEES.
    I want to stay in/close to the Plaza, we love to eat, walk and shop of course(currently I’m on a vegan diet due to health reasons…)

    Thank you,

  33. Hi Ali, For your 5 step baked chicken breast recipe (w/brine), do you cover the baking dish with aluminum foil while baking in the oven?

  34. Hi Ali,

    I’m so happy and thankful that I found your blog! I love your recipes and hope to one day find my niche too. I’m currently the Director of Food Services for a public school district. I came from a large corporation as a Catering Director. I have always loved food and people just like yourself! I agree that great food brings people together. I am currently encorporating my style and love for simple, clean and nutritious food in my cafeterias but I sometimes find it a challenge. My goal is to change school lunch and introduce my kind of eating such as kale salads, Asian, Latin. Dishes etc. Thank you so much for your inspirational blog!!

  35. I’m so excited to have found your blog! I have a request, if I may be so bold. My grandmother used to make an Apple Pan Dowdy, which I can closely replicate, but she served it with a thick, warm lemon sauce that I cannot find anywhere! Do you perhaps have such a recipe in your treasure trove, and would you be without to share it?
    Best Regards
    Linda Brink

  36. I’m not sure how I found your blog, I was just wandering around the interwebs and fell into it. I’m now looking forward to exploring it more thoroughly. I was rather thrilled to see you’re originally from KC. I’m in St. Joseph. Howdy neighbor!

  37. Every time I think I’ve found a fellow foodie things have a way turning around. You started out cooking for one. A philosophy I could embrace! Now you have married (a veggie person no less) and moved to Spain(dream come true)and are off on a new and exciting adventure. I have quite a few of your recipes pinned. I think I’ll stick around for a while and see where it leads. Just please don’t kale and coconut oil me to tears.You now live in Spain and endless food opportunities await you. The food history there has got to be an exciting experience for you! Best wishes and keep blogging for the 1’s, Ones, that are still here. (Sharing extra food in a Senior Complex is easy!) So bring on those recipes. We will all visit the flavors of Spain through you. Barb

  38. Hi Ali. I just visited with your in-laws in Kansas City and they told us about your blog. I love it and will be following. I hope you all have a great reunion in Barcelona in a few weeks.

  39. I love your recipes! Does it matter the kind of rum (you prefer) in your Rum Cake from stratch. It’s probably isn’t important. Also, enjoy your travels!

  40. I am enjoying your blog and wonderful recipes. Would you mind sharing the name of the company that handled your apartment rental? I am moving to Barcelona in the Fall to teach for a semester and having some difficulty choosing an apartment. Also, I am trying to make some expat connections – do you have any groups that you would suggest joining? Thanks, Kathryn

  41. I found your blog by searching up photography set ups. I really can’t thank you enough for sharing that. It’s nice to see someone using very inexpensive things and basic equipment and still achieving good shots. Being that I am an amateur photographer and on a very tight budget this was very inspiring.

    Thank you

  42. Hi Ali,
    I am an ex-pat (Brit) living in Wisconsin, had the good luck to stay in Barcelona two years ago for two weeks, we rented an Air B n B apartment, owned by a French Guy in the El Born district, my most favorite place on our whole trip. Loved walking around the alleyways and we had the balconies that opened up with huge french doors.. We were quite close to La Musica Theatre.. We will go back someday. So glad I stumbled across your blog. thank you x Mary.

  43. Hola Ali!
    My boyfriend marinated chicken to BBQ, but the wind advisory was so strong and a fire hazard here in San Diego, CA USA I texted him on his lunch break, “How about you text me when you are on your way home from work and I will bake the chicken?”
    So that led me to Googling, “Baked chicken”. ”
    “Gimme some oven” was about the 7th on the list, but I clicked on it first because I loved the fun title play on gimme some luvin.
    Family members never taught me how to cook and I was Vegan when single so it was really helpful to have the short video and explanation of a meat thermometer! Thank you for sharing your love of cooking in a blog.
    Holly Ann, SAG AFTRA

  44. I love reading your blog and recipes. I became interested because my husband and I will be visiting Barcelona in June. I’ve heard so much about the food/wine tasting tours and wonder if you have any suggestions. Thanks for sharing your dream life with us, Beth

  45. Hey. I live in Barcelona too. I’m glad you’re liking it!!!! It’s a real foodie place to be ?

  46. Dear Ali
    Glad to have found you from “the little red dot- Singapore”. Across the globe say 10,000 miles away.
    We were expats residing in USA Chicago from 1987- autumn 1994 and have since returned home to continue our careers, Paul in shipping and myself with the National Parks Board developing / creating regional & city Parks for the public.

    It was such a coincidence our food styles from food presentation to colours, sunbeam personality and lifestyle are somewhat similar.
    My family made mixed frozen mixed berries with coconut water this morning and had wanted to find out the number of calories but we found your blog instead.

    Congratulations you are in a happy place and wishing you much happiness.
    As life brings us to different pathways we each endeavour, wishing you many friends and trouble few.

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  47. What a pleasure to read a heartfelt blog. I just found your site while looking for an enchilada recipe. Haven’t even tried it yet. I usually take a look at what I have in the refrig and then go from there. Going to try your Best Chicken Enchiladas Ever.
    Actually I am a retired music teacher in the public schools and now playing my violin/fiddle for fun mostly. I never really learned to cook but now having fun downloading recipes. BTW: What is Paella and how do you pronounce it?

  48. BEAUTIFUL WEB your ways of explaining and you are a inspiration..all the best!

  49. Thank you for helping me cook the best boneless skinless chicken breast I have ever cooked! My family loved it! I love to cook for my large family and always need new ideas. I need things that can stay warm and are easy to prepare early and don’t require tons of ingredients. We love to cook! Thanks for a great blog. Trying something else tomorrow!!
    Columbus, GA

  50. Great job, Ali – and an impressive amount of work! I found you by searing for a recipe about making Vietnamese Pho. Your approach is fantastic and I totally connect with your food philosophy. I also love to cook a bit of everything and don’t have a specific niche. I had a food-related website for about ten years and have had articles about food and cooking published. I am very impressed by your photos, the ease of the recipes, and fun writing. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to test out the pho this week.