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A collection of my favorite products that I recommend for cooking, entertaining, and everyday life.
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Shop Category: Food

Whole Wheat Pasta

DeLallo is hands down my favorite brand of whole wheat pasta. The taste and texture are great, and many shapes of noodles are available.

Maldon Sea Salt

I’m obsessed with this stuff. It’s especially a great finishing salt, perfect for sprinkling on savory and sweet dishes.

Jumbo Popcorn

An absolute must for homemade popcorn lovers. Big fluffy pieces of popcorn every time!

Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea

My all-time favorite tea. (Well, this is the version sold at Target. I originally love the Hot Cinnamon Spice, which seems to basically be the same thing.)  I drink it every day!

Luxardo Cherries

These original maraschino cherries are definitely a splurge, but I love them as a special treat in cocktails. And they last a long time!

Pepper Grinder

This pepper grinder may not be the prettiest, but I use it every single day and am always impressed by its performance. I love that it produces a super-coarse and super-fine grind. If you love pepper as much as I do, I totally recommend it!

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