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Shop Category: For The Coffee & Tea Lover

Glass Tea Bottle

Love this gorgeous glass tea bottle from Food52. Perfect for taking your brew to-go, and it’s BPA free with a cork sleeve.

DIY Kombucha Kit

Learn how to ferment your own batch of classic kombucha with this simple home brewing kit. 7-piece kit plus instructions included.

Let’s Brew T-Shirt

Perfect for the coffee, tea or beer lovers in your life.

Bonavita Coffee Maker

My coffee-shop-owner-friend recommends this as the automatic coffee maker that tastes most like pour-over. My good friends own one, and I agree that it’s the best-tasting coffee maker I’ve tried. Worth the investment!

Coffee Bean Necklace

You can drink your coffee, and wear it too. ;)

Chemex (with Glass Handle)

My favorite way to make pour-over coffee. I especially love the design of this version with the glass handle, and they come in multiple sizes. Be sure to buy filters (and good coffee!) to go along with it.

Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea

My all-time favorite tea. (Well, this is the version sold at Target. I originally love the Hot Cinnamon Spice, which seems to basically be the same thing.)  I drink it every day!

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