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S’mores Pops

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All you need are 3 easy ingredients to make these yummy S’Mores Pops. No campfire necessary! ;)

Ever craving s’mores but don’t have a campfire handy? ?

Try whipping up a quick batch of these cute and delicious S’Mores Pops!

They’re super fun and easy to whip up (and very kid-friendly too), they only call for 3 easy ingredients, and they’ll totally satisfy that s’mores craving in minutes! Feel free to pop them on some lollipop sticks or popsicle sticks or whatever you have handy. Then serve and enjoy!

Here’s how to make ’em…

My original photo for this S’mores Pops recipe from 2009.

All you need are 3 easy ingredients to make these quick and delicious S'Mores Pops. No campfire necessary. ;) |

Just ground up some graham crackers until they’re nice and crumbled. Then melt some chocolate (any kind will do!) in a small bowl. Poke your marshmallows onto a stick, then dip them in the chocolate, and then the graham cracker crumbs…

All you need are 3 easy ingredients to make these quick and delicious S'Mores Pops. No campfire necessary. ;) |

…and voila! So simple, right?!

All you need are 3 easy ingredients to make these quick and delicious S'Mores Pops. No campfire necessary. ;) |

Feel free to serve them immediately, or store in a ziplock bag for up to a few days. (<– Pro tip: If you’re planning to make these a few days before serving, I recommend dipping them completely in chocolate so that it seals in the marshmallow moisture and they don’t dry out.)

Enjoy, guys!

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S’mores Pops

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  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 20 pops 1x


All you need are 3 easy ingredients to make these S’Mores Pops.  They’re so fun and quick and easy to make, and totally delicious.  No campfire needed! ;)




  1. Begin by twisting the lollipop sticks until they are securely in the middle of the marshmallows. (Insert them on the flat, not rounded, side of the marshmallows. Then push them in until they almost poke through.)
  2. Place the graham crackers in a strong ziplock bag, and use a rolling pin (or whatever you’d like) to crush them until they are finely crumbled. Transfer the graham cracker crumbs to a small bowl.
  3. Heat the chocolate chips in a double-boiler or (carefully!) in the microwave until they are melted.*
  4. While holding the stick, carefully dip a marshmallow in the chocolate mixture until it is completely covered. Then gently roll the sides and top of the marshmallow in the graham cracker crumbs until they are well-coated. Place on a plate or on wax paper to let cool and dry. Repeat with remaining marshmallows.
  5. Serve immediately, or store in a sealed container for up to 3 days.

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113 comments on “S’mores Pops”

  1. Food on sticks is the best invention ever ~ LOVE these pops!

  2. I just love this idea! Can’t believe I never thought of it myself with my smore love addiction! Thanks so much for sharing this ( found it via pinterest through another board and then here). How about thinning the chocolate with some coconut oil instead of shortening?

  3. Wanting to do these for a work party, I’ll have to make them at night and bring them in the next morning. What’s the easiest way to cover for transport??

  4. Do I store these in the fridge or at room temp in a Tupperware?

  5. have you ever used Nutella??? These sound delicious… Going to make them at my daughterinlaws woodsy baby shower…can’t wait!!!

  6. is this something that can be done a day a head and if I am taking outdoor for the party what’s the best way to store them 

    • Hey Devanshi! You could definitely make these a day in advance. We recommend storing them at room temp (as long as they don’t get hot, they should be fine). We hope you enjoy!

  7. If you want to make the whole thing edible, try using pretzel sticks for the stick part! The saltiness of the pretzel would play well with the sugary-ness of the marshmallow and chocolate!

  8. these are great! they taste amazing and they are really simple! i will definetly make these again!!!!

  9. Can butter be used instead of shortening to thin chocolate out? :) Just curious since I usually don’t use shortening

    • We think shortening works better, but the butter should still work! We hope you enjoy! :)

  10. How far ins advance can you make these?

    • Hi Cassandra! We think these are best served fresh, as in pretty soon after you make them. We hope you enjoy!

  11. These smores pops would be a perfect dessert for any meal!! I’m a huge burger lover, but I also have a sweet tooth. I would love to try this recipe sometime. Thanks for sharing!! Definitely a perfect dessert after a burger or two.
    ~ Stan