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S’mores Pops

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All you need are 3 easy ingredients to make these yummy S’Mores Pops. No campfire necessary! ;)

Ever craving s’mores but don’t have a campfire handy? ?

Try whipping up a quick batch of these cute and delicious S’Mores Pops!

They’re super fun and easy to whip up (and very kid-friendly too), they only call for 3 easy ingredients, and they’ll totally satisfy that s’mores craving in minutes! Feel free to pop them on some lollipop sticks or popsicle sticks or whatever you have handy. Then serve and enjoy!

Here’s how to make ’em…

My original photo for this S’mores Pops recipe from 2009.

All you need are 3 easy ingredients to make these quick and delicious S'Mores Pops. No campfire necessary. ;) |

Just ground up some graham crackers until they’re nice and crumbled. Then melt some chocolate (any kind will do!) in a small bowl. Poke your marshmallows onto a stick, then dip them in the chocolate, and then the graham cracker crumbs…

All you need are 3 easy ingredients to make these quick and delicious S'Mores Pops. No campfire necessary. ;) |

…and voila! So simple, right?!

All you need are 3 easy ingredients to make these quick and delicious S'Mores Pops. No campfire necessary. ;) |

Feel free to serve them immediately, or store in a ziplock bag for up to a few days. (<– Pro tip: If you’re planning to make these a few days before serving, I recommend dipping them completely in chocolate so that it seals in the marshmallow moisture and they don’t dry out.)

Enjoy, guys!

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S’mores Pops

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  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 20 pops 1x


All you need are 3 easy ingredients to make these S’Mores Pops.  They’re so fun and quick and easy to make, and totally delicious.  No campfire needed! ;)




  1. Begin by twisting the lollipop sticks until they are securely in the middle of the marshmallows. (Insert them on the flat, not rounded, side of the marshmallows. Then push them in until they almost poke through.)
  2. Place the graham crackers in a strong ziplock bag, and use a rolling pin (or whatever you’d like) to crush them until they are finely crumbled. Transfer the graham cracker crumbs to a small bowl.
  3. Heat the chocolate chips in a double-boiler or (carefully!) in the microwave until they are melted.*
  4. While holding the stick, carefully dip a marshmallow in the chocolate mixture until it is completely covered. Then gently roll the sides and top of the marshmallow in the graham cracker crumbs until they are well-coated. Place on a plate or on wax paper to let cool and dry. Repeat with remaining marshmallows.
  5. Serve immediately, or store in a sealed container for up to 3 days.

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113 comments on “S’mores Pops”

  1. I can’t wait to try this! Looks sooo yummy! Wonderful photos.

  2. What a fab idea! And lovely pictures by the way.
    I think I’ll be trying these this week.
    Thank you.

  3. These are so adorable, Ali! Love your photos!

  4. Well these are just about the cutest things ever! What a great gift idea, too – it would be fun to make a little bouquet of them to give to friends! CUTE!

  5. These are delightfully simple and look gorgeous! Fabulous party idea – can see why they’d be so popular!

  6. Now I’m totally craving s’mores :D. The pops look delicious!

  7. oh yum! this is simple to make and looks delicious!!

  8. I have been looking for a quick easy food item to make with a group
    of Seniors at a Dementia Day Care program.
    This is perfect !! and most of the LOVE choclate.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  9. Love these! They are really cute… great idea!

  10. Hey Ali – what a great website! Sarah told me about your Sunday night adventure…can’t wait to read about it! Hey, what’s your favorite Christmas cookie recipe? Looking for something new this year!


  11. I found this recipe linked somewhere today and it was just in time! I made them for my company Christmas party tonight and they were gone in no time. Thank you!

  12. Okay, I can’t wait to try this with my kids. Such a cute idea!

  13. Love your site! and the smore pops are such a great idea for kids…easy to eat and not as messy…good job!

    • I couldn’t agree more! It seems like whenever I work with melted chocolate (especially drizzling!), there’s always major cleanup. But once these guys are dipped in the graham crackers, they’re drip-proof and good to go! :) Enjoy!!


  14. This idea rocks – I now know what to make for my son’s Christmas party at school. Faster and easier than make cupcake pops. Kids love stuff on a stick!

  15. Do you think these would store very well? I’m thinking of doing a bunch for my son’s class and putting them individually in baggies with tags – would they keep ok?

    • Hi Kim!

      Ha…my first batch of these disappeared pretty much immediately after they were made, so I can’t speak with experience… But yes, I imagine these would keep well since the chocolate immediately coats the marshmallows (thus they shouldn’t dry out). The only concern might be the graham crackers softening up, but since they’re already crumbled, I doubt this would be an issue. So glad you’re making them – would love to hear how it goes! :)


  16. Saw these over at Tasty Kitchen and had to see the related blog. I’ve already emailed my mom, sister and best friend the link. Love it!

  17. oh i am soooo gonna take these to our christmas party!!! i can’t WAIT to try them! thank you so much for sharing!!!

  18. These look awesome. I’m definitely going to try these.

  19. The thing I don’t like about smores is the balance of chocolate and graham crackers. This looks like the perfect balance. I’d have to use milk chocolate for the boys and reserve the semi-sweet for me. XD

  20. I made these for a party last night and fell in love. Thank you.

  21. I tried this and it worked great! All of my teachers loved it, and I finally had something to publish on my blog! :D

  22. Took this to an xmas party and it was a hit with all ages!!!!

  23. I’m so making these with my boys and don’t be surprised if they show up in one of my blog posts in the next month. :)

  24. I found these and are making for my daughter’s 8th birthday sleepover.

    We tried a test batch today to see how they came out … i heard “Amazing” and “Delicious” from both the 8 yr old girl and the 13 yr old boy.

    The only thing we found was that regular ghiradelli chips made them too “chocolatey” and we couldn’t taste the marshmallow or graham cracker crumbs. Im going to buy chocolate bark and try that as well instead.

    Also- a tip- we dipped the stick in the chocolate before sticking in the marshmallow- we found it held better as it dried ( we only had ONE that we let dry!)

  25. those are so cute.

    I made something kind of similar… I bought some mini candy liners (I placed them in a mini muffin tin, it just made it easier to work with) and placed a mini marshmallow in each one and then I melted about a cup of chocolate wafers (you can find them at Michael’s) and then added about an 1/8 cup of graham crumbs. I then poured the chocolate over the mini marshmallow and then I sprinkled with more graham crumbs… They were a big hit too and really yummy!

  26. OMG…so yummy! Was looking for something quick and sweet so I made these tonight for my hubby with leftover chocolate from our New Years Eve chocolate fountain! Now I’m scared for the middle of the day snacking!

  27. I made these last night for our schools bake sale and they turned out fabolous. However, instead of semi sweet chocolate I used chocolate Wilton Candy Melts. It stored better and dried faster. I put them in individual little cello baggies and tied them with a ribbon. Thees are so darn cute and easy. Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing this.

  28. I made these for my hawaiian themed party- substituting toasted cocnut for the graham crackers. I used a knife to swirl the chocolate on as I had no shortening to thin it. I am now thinking of using different coloured sprinkles for diff holidays for my 4.5 yr olds preschool class parties. Thanks for a great recipe!

  29. I do these at Christmas every year but don’t put them on a stick. I also melt white chocolate, grind up red and green candy canes. I just dip the ends in the white chocolate, then dip in the red and green candy canes. They are so decadent on the trays. I don’t put a stick in them. The amazing thing is the adults love them more than the kids. They always stick them in the microwave for a few seconds before eating or drop them in their hot cocoa.

  30. these look amazing!!! question: would they last overnight? i’m hosting a party for a friend and may not be able to make these day-of…

    • Hey Motley,

      Yes – these definitely last overnight. We’ve kept leftovers around at least a few days in the past, and they’re always good! :) Enjoy!!


  31. I WILL be making these soon!! With vegan marshmallows of course! Thanks for the recipe!

  32. Which gets me thinking–I can do the same thing with white chocolate and chocolate wafers…

  33. wow, these are so gorgeous. Beautiful happiness on a stick for sure! Thanks for sharing. xo

  34. I love this idea! I hope you don’t mind if I make these! Is perfect for a childrens birthday party.

    Thanks for the inspiring idea!
    Belle Chose Home

  35. Hi Ali, I made this S’more pops for my kids birthday because I saw them in a photo of some western theme party. Now someone ask me how to make them so I am going to refer them to your blog. I love the story of how you create them and like very much your explanation. Thanks for sharing!

  36. I have to ask you, do you mind if I take your same photos from your blog?

    • Hi Fara!

      So glad you enjoyed the s’mores pops! You’re welcome to use photos from the blog if there is a link to the post (for example – “photos from”) included.

      Enjoy!! :)


  37. I ran across a mint chocolate popsicle when I first saw the smore pop recipe

    Do you know how I can find that again?

  38. These are great. We toasted the marshmallows with a creme brulee torch and they had a total campfire affect on flavor and appearance. You can check out our instructional here:

  39. Hi, I found my way here through Pinterest and decided to make these for my son’s Cowboy birthday party in a couple of weeks. I just did a test run and they were so easy and SO YUMMY! The kids are going to DIE when they see these –I just need to remember to make enough for the parents too. ;) Thanks!

  40. I first made these with milk chocolate Wilton wafers and then with the semi sweet chocolate chips…I have to say…the milk chocolate wafers are a million times better!!! And they dry a little faster!

  41. Thanks for sharing! Great treat for upcoming Halloween party))))

  42. YAY! These look fun and delicious! I’ll be making these for a bake sale next Saturday. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

  43. Just stopping by to let you know that I’ve featured your craft on Family Fun Crafts! You can see it here:

    If you have other kid friendly crafts, I’d love it if you would submit them. :) If you would like to display a
    featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above.

  44. For something different, roll in peppermint and use to stir cocoa. I believe we found this on Pinterest too.

  45. Cute idea can’t wait to make these for my shower :) do you think milk chocolate would work just fine like hershey’s milk chocolate or should I just stick to semi-sweet?

  46. Wonder if we can use a wooden bamboo skewer vs. the lollipop stick? Don’t have those and want to make these for dessert for book club tomorrow.

  47. Think I’ll try this when the grandchildren visit next month. What a fun idea.

    • Made these with my grandkids. They loved them. I let them crush the graham crackers by throwing the bag around. We used short wooden skewers and I let them go for it. At 2,3, and 6 it was a little messy (not too bad) and lots of fun. Of course now they are on a sugar high for the rest of the afternoon!