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The Friday Five

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The Friday Five |

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! (Or as Leslie Knope would say, Happy Galentine’s Day to you ladies out there!)

I hope all of your days are all off to a lovely start, and that you get to spend some quality time this weekend surrounded by people you love. I’m home wrapping up the week of work today, but am looking forward to kicking off a weekend of random events and coffees and concerts and super-secret-spyish-adventures (true) with friends this evening. I may be flying solo for Valentine’s Day this year in the relationship department, but my friends seem determined that solo will not mean “alone”. One of the many reasons I love ’em.

But speaking of things I love, I am kicking off a little experiment and trying out a weekly new feature on the blog called “The Friday Five”. For years, I’ve been wanting to join the wave of bloggers posting their versions and spins on Friday favorites. But for one reason or another, it has never happened…

…(cue my best “In A World” voice)…

…until now.

Mwahaha. Seriously, though, I love these sort of roundups! Especially when they include lists. So it occurred to me, why not tap into the ol’ Friday Five alliteration and make a weekly post that includes all sorts of mini-lists? Seems like something I’d like to read, so I hope you might too. Would love to hear any feedback on this, but I’ll at least give this feature the ol’ college try for a month.

Hope you enjoy, and cheers to the weekend!

The Friday Five

Sara Swenson |

Sara Swenson

5 things I’m looking forward to this weekend

  • Cheering on my beautiful friend Sara Swenson as she plays her first live show back in Kansas City, after having lived in England for the past year (you should totally download her albums, especially the song “Always and Everywhere” for V-Day)
  • Starting our new book club pick of the month, Gone Girl (do you all give it a thumbs up?)
  • Taking my pup for a long stroll in the (not -15, not 30, but…) 50 degree weather that’s forecasted this weekend! Polar vortexes, be gone.
  • Making my favorite 3-Ingredient Flourless Chocolate Cake for my friends’ annual super secret Valentine’s night
  • Getting 8 hours of sleep a night. This week has been a doozy.
Syrniki (Farmers cheese pancakes) |

Syrniki (Farmers cheese pancakes) |

5 Russian recipes you should totally consider making for the Olympics

Syrniki (Farmers Cheese Pancakes) | Yelena Sweets
| Gourmet Traveller
Black Bread | 101 Cookbooks
Honey Poppyseed Roll | Cookin Melangery
Moscow Mule | Freutcake

Lindsay Letters | Power Of Hope

Power Of Hope | Lindsay Letters

5 prints I’m considering as part of my new photo/art wall

Power of Hope | Lindsay Letters
Kansas City, MO (in soft yellow) | Cropacature
Stay True | Hammerpress
Dr. Seuss Print | BCPrints
Piano Pines | HereToThere Prints

Penguin Chick | Telegraph

Penguin Chick | Telegraph

5 reasons I caved and started a Pinterest board for cute animals

This fancy chicken
Flashbacks of my Morkie as a puppy
Happy kitten smile
The sweetest elephant family
…yes, yes, I know, these are about the most cliche animal pictures around, but who can resist a wee little pig?

10 Things That Will Make You Happier

10 Things That Will Make You Happier

5 awesome lists of 10

10 easy things that will make you happier, backed by science
10 things you didn’t know about Girl Scout cookies
10 ways to beat the winter blues
10 things that women invented
10 things to see: a week of top AP photos

Snow Ice Cream |

5 most-viewed recipes on Gimme Some Oven this week

Snow Ice Cream
Skinny Orange Chicken
Rainbow Flatbread Pizza
Avocado Strawberry Spinach Salad
5-Ingredient Broccoli Cheese Soup

Have a great weekend!

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25 comments on “The Friday Five”

  1. Love the lists! Most people I know loved Gone Girl. I, on the other hand, wasn’t a huge fan. Hope you enjoy the read though!

  2. I think this is a great new feature that I hope sticks around longer than a month!

  3. I love that Sara Swenson. :)

  4. I loved Gone Girl. I read the whole thing in two days. I couldn’t put it down. Disturbing but amazing!

  5. Fun Ali! Happy V-day. Also baby animals? Thanks for the awwww factor this morning. Made me smile :)

  6. Yips! Digging the Friday Five. And how can you go wrong with baby bunnies and the like?

  7. How fun!!! Love the new series, Ali! I totally agree with Emily’s description of Gone Girl….I found it disturbing, but at the same time I really intrigued and could not put it down.

  8. I love the Friday Five. It wraps up a lot of content without being too wordy, PLUS it sends me to some pretty cool/interesting things. One note, something went awry with your “5 Awesome Lists of 10” links. The first 4 all send me to the same place.

  9. I LOVE your animal cuteness Pinterest board!

  10. Gone Girl is a very intriguing book… I definitely give it a thumbs up!

  11. Hey, great roundup! Count me among those who couldn’t put “Gone Girl” down, and among those who say pour those Moscow Mules.

  12. I love this list! Gone Girl was awesome – can’t wait for the movie.

    LOVE the Kansas City print! Way to represent! I must order one now. Also looking forward to the wonderful weekend ahead.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Oh my goodness. I’m in love with that piano pines print!! I may have to buy that…

  14. Omg I love that photo of the brain!!!! You are amazing.

  15. 8 hours of sleep + syrniki + walking = I’m IN! :-)

  16. I really L O V E this idea. It’s so refreshing and a great way to end the week. I just found your blog via FB and yay – so hapy I did!

    Ali, great work here. Happy to connect with you sister!


    p.s. that baby penguin, I mean . . .

  17. Loved Gone Girl but wasn’t a fan of how it ended. Hope you enjoy it!

  18. LOVED Gone Girl- you are in for a real treat! I also love lists! I’m very happy right now ;)

  19. You have to have a cute animal board and Gone Girl is sooooo good! So are all her other books!

  20. LOVE this list!! And gone girl? One of my favorite books….

  21. You were right, it IS enjoyable to read the lists! (and follow a few links and pin a few recipes). Gone Girl – the rare worth-it twist! Enjoy!

  22. So excited that you are doing a version of Friday favorites!! love the list format!

  23. Totally down with the friday five! Super fun post and I love the cute animals pinterest board!

  24. You will LOVE Gone Girl. I’m not easily surprised by books or movies, but I literally sat STRAIGHT UP in bed at one point in the book. So, so good. I’ve heard another one of her books, Sharp Objects, is even better!

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